Darkest secrets

Hip hooray, it's Friday again, and only a week to go until Christmas! I thought it would be fun to share some "not widely known" facts of my Christmas-love today (and you may feel most welcome to do the same in comment box), enjoy:
  • I know there are many brilliant Christmas songs in the world, and I have tried many, but my absolutely favorite is this still. I love it, and video too, and it's my all time favorite ring tone for my phone also
  • I am really ashamed to admit this but I am a real present hoarder. Until the recent years I actually counted my parcels and got a bit upset if I didn't get the most. I am going much better now, and my nephew will be the present-master this year
  • I really love to play games during the Holidays, Monopoly, Granium, Pictionary... But I am a crappy team-mate as I want to win. Really want. Even my dear husband (who has promised to love me in sickness and in health mind you) sometimes would love to get into an another team, and that should tell you something
  • It's no secret I love 80s TV series, and the Christmas-episodes especially (Dynasty is my ultimate favorite), but I also have a Jessica Fletcher (from Murder she wrote) book on my nightstand as type this. Which one? A little Yuletide murder of course

    I think this is enough for one day, and I wish you happy weekend! And no pressure, dears, but I can't wait to hear your darkest C-secrets...

    Happy December 16th!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Mia you and I would make great team mates, I have to win always too! It's not so bad here as my son is the same.
I love the Wham Christmas song too but my favourite is the original Band Aid 'Feed the World', another '80's song, the good old '80's. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm,
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Those darkest secrets made me smile Mia.My favourite Christmas song just has to be Slade's Merry Christmas, that takes me back to my flared trousers youth. We all love playing games and play lots of card games using my pennies from my big penny jar as stakes. I provide the pennies and lose them all to my son. I will also admit that only for the last few years have I ever been able to sleep more than a few hours on Christmas eve....I get so excited! Enjoy your first married Christmas Mrs N !
Jane x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

OOo, yes, Enjoy yor first married Christmas Mia :o)

I loved your secrets, and your Wham video brought back all the memories as soon as I saw what it was, I had to watch..twice. LOL
That's my favorite, but so is the Slade one. Can't choose between them :o)
Ok, one of my secrets is..I love Christmas day evening and Boxing day more than Christmas Day itself. I know that makes me a grouch, but my stress levels get so high leading up to Christmas, that I'm really pleased to just relax in the evening once it's all done :O) (But don't tell my husband and kids ok?) LOL
Have a wonderful weekend Mia,
Take care my dear,
Love Donna x

Beth said...

Oh this post made me laugh, the present hoarding and the 'must win' you remind me of my Sister, in a nice way, I should add!. Bethx

Teje said...

Hi Mia! Love post while waiting the Christmas and presents! That song is really one of the best!
I don't much very much those games and I would very happily leave you to win!
Presents are really wonderful and expected! Unfortunately they are fewer and fewer ans we get older!
Those old series are so great and I would love to see again Dallas! Pamela was just so lovely and Jr... would it be same now to see them now?!
Have a great Sunday!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Oh Vivienne, I didn't remember that song, it's a gem! As a 80s lover I loved that!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!


Mia said...

That is so sweet, Jane, to get so excited that you can't sleep, I LOVE that! And you actually HAVE to be excited, dear, Christmas is the best time of all year!

Wonderful Saturday!


Mia said...

Hello Donna,

I agree with you! Christmas Eve, the 24th, which is the "main" festive day here for children (gift-opening etc.) and the big dinner-day can be very busy and tiring (in a good way!) so Christmas day and Boxing day are so much more peaceful! I love ALL of course :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mia said...

Hello Beth,

Many greetings to you sister! It's like that here too, I'm the older sister, and well-known to throw Monopoly board off the table when reached bankruptcy :) Not the recent years though, but I still get a bit upset if my team looses (it doesn't, really)!

Have a great weekend, I'm so happy you're feeling better!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I love getting presents, but I also love giving them, so I am finding sort of balance there :) And I was a bit worried with Dynasty when I watched it second time (first round in 80s and then in 2000 or so) but oh, I still loved it so much! So take a plunge with Dallas, it's brilliant still for sure!


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