The winner!

I can't believe it's the 15th already! When I started the mittens giveaway, I thought "there's so much time still..." and oops, it went in a second. But now it's the time to say thank you all so much for participating! There were 18 comments, and I skipped one (Hi dear Vivienne!) so there were 17 of you, wonderful! I included all of you (if you were picked as the winner, and mittens are not for you, I'll be making you something else pretty) from 1-17 and here we go...

...and no pictures from name-from-hat-picking this time as it got too dark too soon so I'll opted for a random number generator instead:

The image is not the best, but it's number 1, Kerry! Congratulations!I'll be contacting you for your wishes soon! And as it's the Holiday-time, giving and sharing and such, I took an another shot:

It's number 2! Congratulations, Gill! It'll be red&birdies-mittens for you! And while smiling at Gill for winning I (always suspicious Finn) was also "Is this machine-random-picking working, it gave me 1 and 2, what are the odds?" so for the science&Holiday Spirits I took the third shot:

And it's number 5 - Donna! Congratulations! Your wish was a pair of teal mittens with birdies&flowers!

Congratulations to all of you, ladies! And I know, this random-machine picking might be less Sheldon Cooper sort of science than other ways, but I am definitely happy, and I wish you all are too! Happy Thursday to all of you and thank you still so much for participating! I'll be in touch with the lucky ladies soon!

Happy December 15th!



Beth said...

Well done to the winners! Bethx

Jane said...

Such lucky,lucky winners, well done and thanks again Mia for such a generous giveaway.
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Congratulations to all 3 winners!!! What lucky ladies! Darn, but I will be a good sport. Happy merry days Mia!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh my gosh! Me? Does it mean me?
I'm over the moon Mia!

Thankyou so much for your generosity! Three giveaways!
I've had a very bad night with my daughter, and now I'm smiling my socks off :o)

Congratulations to the other lucky winners too.

Have a happy day Mia,
And Thankyou most kindly.
Love Donna xx

Mia said...

Hi Donna, yes, that's you! I already e-mailed you!

Happy day to you!


Nova Melina said...

Oi ei mikä pettymys! Mä en ala. :( Mun täytyy varmaan harkita custom tumppujen tilaamista sulta kun ehdin niistä jo niin innostua. :)

Congratulations to the lucky winners! I´m so bummed i wasn´t one of them. :(

Mia said...

Voi hitsi, Nova!

No, jospa seuraavalla kerralla sitten tärppää :)

Hiphei, kaupassasi alkaa hyllyt täyttyä...ja tosi mukavalle näyttää!

Työn- ja joulun odotuksen iloa!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Whoops sorry for messing up the number generator thingy!!! :)
Congrats to the very lucky winners!
Happy weekend Mia,
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Congrats to the very lucky winners!!
Enjoy your Mia goodies ( I wish it was me!!)

Anne x

Helen Philipps said...

Wow, how lovely all those pairs of mittens look together, Mia! Congratulations to the lucky lucky winners....they will have something cosy and cheery to brighten up their wintry days.
Have a happy weekend.
Helen x

The Little Forest said...

Aaarrgh! I've been too busy lately to read all my favorite blogs and now I missed this wonderful give away. They look absolutely stunning, what a lucky winners.

Teje said...

Hello! Congratulations to lucky ladies! That was funny to get 1 and 2 - I would have also thought if it's working.
I wish you lovely weekend!
x Teje

Mia said...

Thank you all for congratulating the winners! I am also so happy you all would have liked a pair of my mittens *blush* and I promise to have an another giveaway on January (maybe not mittens but something fun&cute) to make after-Christmas days a bit more bearable :)

Happy Friday!


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