December washing line

Do you still remember me moaning on July how I haven't got enough (read: any) mittens knitted? Well it certainly have taken some time, but just take a look at today's washing line in my backyard!

The day was very, very dark and gray so the pictures are less than perfect, but I wish you can see happy snowmen and birdies still?

These mittens are already heading somewhere but I still would love to share a pair with you too! It's definitely time for a giveaway, and there will be a pair of my mittens as prize! So what I would like you to start thinking is what colored mittens you would like to have, would it be larger or smaller size and the most importantly - what would be starring you pair? A birdie? A bunny? A pig? Some flowers? A raccoon maybe? Just take your time to think, and then leave a message on today's post. I'll draw the winner on Thursday, 15th of December, and make you your dream pair! Please note, that these will probably not make to you for Christmas, but hey, what would be better than brighten up a gray January day?

Size-wise the smaller pair (like the brown ones with two birdies) are approximately from top to bottom 22cm/8.6" and the width is 11cm/4.3". The larger ones (like the happy snowmen up there) are top-bottom 25cm/9.8" and 12,5cm/4.9" wide. Both sizes fit me but I have quite large hands so the bigger size is better.

Happy choosing and wonderful second advent and 4th of December!



Kerry said...

They are so cute Mia! I have loved all your Christmas makes recently- the stockings are so charming x I can't wear the mits-sensitive skin makes wool too itchy but what a prize, they are so beautiful

gill said...

So cute! I'd choose red with birds - and large for me!

Jane said...

O my goodness Mia what a fab washing line. That must have made your neighbours' smile ;0) What a wonderful idea for a giveaway. After a lot of thinking I would choose as my dream pair the blue you used with the snowmen mits with a snowman on each and instead of a birdie a little pig!! That way I would have mits to match my snowman scarf but with the added bonus of sweet pigs to gaze at!!How wonderful would that be! I think I too would be large as I think my hands are pretty large too (must be all the work they do!). Thanks for such a generous giveaway and good luck to everyone! Keep warm...the trees are up here and mince pies made this afternoon.
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh they are lovely Mia and how cute do they look on the washing line.
How very generous of you too to give a pair away.
If I was lucky enough to win, I would love a green pair with guess what ~ bunnies!!!
Happy Sunday,
Vivienne x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sorry I forgot to say, small size.:)

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a fantastic washing line! :o)

Sometimes seeing all your pictures on your blog, i wish i was your neighbour!

What a generous giveaway you're hosting!
If i were lucky enough to win, my dream pair would be turquoise or teal, and definitely with birdies on and maybe a flower or two :o)

Have a happy week Mia :o)
Love Donna xx

P.s. I do adore them ALL though!

Helen Philipps said...

Oh Mia....I love your pretty washing line with the sweet mittens against the snow, that is a lovely sight! And what a fabulous giveaway! I love them all really, but as I have to choose I would say a blue pair with bunnies on please, in the small size. Thank you for putting me in the draw.
Have a wonderful week.
Helen x

chrissie said...

I really love all your mittens and they look so cute on the washing line in the snow. If I was lucky enough to win your giveaway I would choose blue, mittens with owls on them. They would be just perfect n
Thank you for the chance of winning a pair.
Chrissie x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, wow, wash line day in December and what lovely wash!!! They are so great and a whole lot of work, what a giveaway you are offering. Such a hard decision, but what fun to think about! I would have to choose gray with birdies and a toadstool (is that allowed) Size large for me. Thanks for adding me in the hat or bowl!

Anne said...

Hi Mia,

Please put my name in your hat.(This is my kind of drawing)
If I were the lucky winner, I would love some blue mittens with birdies on them. ((Size large))

Thanks for the cute mitten pictures and fun giveaway!!

Happy Monday to you.....

Nova Melina said...

Ooooh mikä arvonta! Ensin meinasin vaan kommentoida ihania lapasia, ja sit tajusin muiden kommenteista tulla lukemaan koko tekstin. Mun haaveiden lapaset olis kettuaiheiset, kun sun ketut on niin ihania, mut pohja vois olla vaalea. Koko taitaa olla pienempi kahdesta.

Kiitos muuten sun kommentista mun blogiin! Tosi harmi ettet päässy moikkaamaan. Olis ollut niin kiva nähdä! Messut meni tosi hyvin ja myyntikin ylitti reippaasti odotukset. Jee! :)

Teje said...

Thank you Mia, I'm here ...
If I would be the lucky one to win, I would love to have something blue with birds, because it would be so much 'You' and also my favourite Finnish colour!
xxx Teje

Jilly said...

The mittens are really lovely. My dream pair would be purple with birdies in a large size - just the job to keep my hands warm whilst walking my dog!

Annie said...

Oh, how delightful! My dream pair would be grey-blue or brown with little birds. I'm a tall, chunky girl but I have tiny hands, and they get very cold in winter. Such a generous giveaway :D

faith76 said...

Wowsers I would love a green pair with daisy/buttercup flowers in a small size - Leah x

Beth said...

They are beautiful and I'd love to be in with a chance of winning a pair. I am a red girl, so that would be my choice and your adorable snowmen coasters have just re-appeared in our house and always make me smile so snowmen would be my choice. Beth/The Linen Catx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and generous idea, Mia♥!
I'd love to win large light blue mittens with a cloud, raindrops and a tiny bird in a puddle. They'd certainly match my beloved light blue bike perfectly.

Liebe Grüße, Maike

Christine said...

Oh you are so awesome Mia! I'd get a pair with birdies or owls, you know how I love owls! Happy holidays!


Mia said...

I am now closing the comments, thank you so much everyone and good luck!


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