Cards on the table

I can't believe it's the last day of March already! I dearly welcome April with Easter lurking just around the corner: next weekend it is! I have been very busy lately (and loving it), and haven't been able to blog about as much I would have wanted. But on the other hand it's great to have ideas for posts waiting...That's a first.

I have talked about my to-do and wish-I-had-more-time lists many times, but one thing I have been dreaming to make a long time is cards. I know many ever-so-talented cardmakers, and those wonderful creations are not what I had in mind. I am pretty much useless with papers and scissors, but I wished to create something to match my felted things. I know many of my customers purchase my bags and pouches as gifts, and I though it would be lovely to have a little selection of HandmadebyMia-cards in my shop to go with a present. Or just to be send to your friend or just keep to yourself to make you smile (this is my option, I have a large cork-board just next to my working place were I have collected pretty cards, handmade and other to admire).

From the very first moment cutting my own cards&folding my own envelopes was not an option. I know I wouldn't have made more than two cards and would have ended tossing the rest: I just cannot cut straight (and I have a cutter too, with scissors I wouldn't even try)! I ordered a big pile of pretty cards&envelopes, and to make sure I can't go wrong, the cards were pre-creased too - just perfect for me! All I needed to add was the pretty things on top.

And ideas for pretty things... Those I do have! I took my beloved sketch book and started writing down my ideas. My plan was to use my needle felted designs, and I wanted to make them a little different from those cut-from-the-cardboard-and-stick-to-the-other-ones I have made earlier. I cut the birds, flowers, bees, mushrooms and other cute little things out of industrial felt and used my sewing machine to stitch them into a piece of a cardboard. Then I took out the double-sided tape (I LOVE double-sided tape, glue I cannot handle at all) and secured my creations into those purchase cards.

I think they turned out quite me...

... or what do you think?

These will hop into my shop when I have more ready. Now I am off to shorten my official to-do list, and wish you sunny and wonderful weekend!

Happy Saturday!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

They are sooooooooo you Mia!! :)
Gorgeous and just the thing to go with your bags and other birdie creations!
Great idea. :)
Can you believe the last day of March!!! I really want time to slow down now, I want to savour this beautiful time of year!
Happy weekend Mia,
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne!

I have been wanting to make these for ages, but as usual: time is limited! But when I got the idea (and was sure I will use the ready-made cards) ideas just started to roll... Maybe during the Easter weekend I'll manage to make more of these!

Have a wonderful weekend, it's sunny here too!


Helen Philipps said...

I love them, Mia! They are bright and fresh and special and they are so very you...I'm sure I could always pick out your designs which shows how you have developed your own style so well. And I do agree with you about using double sided tape in card making...so much neater (and safer) than glue!
Look forward to seeing lots more of these sweet creations.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Helen!

I love the idea that you can spot my work being mine, that's a big compliment! Lovely!

have a wonderful weekend with many sunny moments in your garden - is it in bloom yet?


Jane said...

Ah dear Mia these are just SO you -they are perfect. What great designs you have made. You know how much I love your sweet feltings and these will be such a wonderful addition in your shop. (I am also blushing that you have mentioned that I have some talent as a card maker;0)thank you dear friend). I use easy peel double sided tape as it is so easy to get the backing paper off and I admit I keep the glue just for flowers as it can have a mind of it's own! Have a lovely weekend,
Jane x

Mia said...

Dear Jane,

You're the ultimate card-queen (and c-queen and...), and I admire your wonderful, unique creations so much but those are something I just couldn't make as I am useless with papercrafts! But I am so happy I managed to create something "me" again - and lovely you liked my cards too!

Enjoy your special day tomorrow, dear, and kiss Billy for me! Sunshine from here!


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

They are lovely Mia, and very 'you' x

Teje said...

Fantastic, Mia! Your new cards are so beautiful and so 'You'! Wonderful idea and I love your simple style! Happy weekend! x Teje

ANNE said...

Ahhh Mia, These new cards ARE you!! They'll be wonderful additions to your already lovely shop!

Love the combination of felt and cards. Happy last day of March!
Easter very soon.....

best wishes

Emer said...

I love them I think they go perfectly with all your other creations.

Happy Weekend

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Annie!

Sunshine to your weekend!


Mia said...

Thank you Teje!

lovely to get this much (and great!) feedback on my new card-design! I love it!

Happy sewing and sunny weekend!


Mia said...

Thank you, dear Anne!

Lovely that my cards seems to be liked!

And how great it is that Easter is near, we'll have four day weekend coming soon, yippee!

Wishing you sunshine (and definitely NO snow!!) and happiness yo your weekend!


Mia said...

Thank you, Emer!

My thoughts exactly - I love everything matching :)

Have a wonderful weekend too!


Katie said...

I just love you cards. They match your purses perfectly for pressies. Love Katie xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, I think you hit the jackpot with this idea. They are lovely and I want some!!!! I hope I can get in on the etsy explosion when you post them.
Have a wonderful sunny weekend!, xoRobin❤

Mia said...

Thank you, Katie!

The feedback I'm getting is making me blush :)

I wish you most wonderful weekend!


Mia said...

Sweet Robin,

Thank you! I'll let you all know when I'll put my cards into etsy first time, it'll hopefully be before Easter but we'll see - I'm happily busy still!

Have a wonderful weekend and many warm wishes!


Nova Melina said...

Ihania kortteja, ja tosiaan ihan on sun näköisiä. Eli siis loistava lisä tuotevalikoimaasi. :)

Aurinkoista viikonloppua! ♥

Mia said...

Kiitos Nova!

Mukavaa alkavaa huhtikuuta, ja paljon aurinkoisia päiviä!

Terkuin Mia

Kirsi said...

Ihania kortteja :). Olen ihastellut sun pussukoita monta viikkoa. Olet taitava!

Mia said...

Kiitokset Kirsi!

Tosi loistavia ovat sinunkin työsi, kävin blogissasi kurkkimassa! Niin että sitä taitavuutta löytyy kyllä reilusti sielläkin päässä :)

Mahtavaaa huhtikuuta!

Terkuin Mia

Beth said...

Hi Mia,

I am shamefully behind in my blog reading and have missed so many posts. I think these are a great idea and look lovely, I bet they sell really well. I bought all the stock and started making cards over 2 years ago now (with the original little felt birds dangling from the front) but have never got any further than the experiments. Useless, I know. These are perfect :) Bethx

Wendy said...

Wonderful! I love your designs, your little birds are so cute!

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