Sunshine coastered

Even I feel I really am repeating myself, I cannot tell you how wonderful this lightness and brightness is. After approximately six months of completely darkness this feels like a miracle. And even you should get used to things after many years of practice, these winters seem to get harder and harder to me as years go by. EspaƱa here I come?

But as Finn I have realized moaning about winter is a) a national sport b) getting me nowhere, so instead I'll celebrate this wonderful sunny weekend with some colorful new coasters! I made some Easter ones earlier, but these new pairs definitely have the spring feel to them, great to enjoy with your tea or coffee all year round.

There are some flower admiring and picking...

Some sunshine (and clouds)...

...and all have same mint-ish green happy goose families cotton (reused, naturally) on back. And these also have new strings: some cotton thread and little flowers. I like it!

They'll all be nesting here (not permanently I hope) soon.

Happy Sunday!



Teje said...

Happy Sunday to you Mia! I'm so happy to hear that you have sushine also outside at not only in your beautiful, sweet works! Those cute coasters really bring happiness and sunshine!
I was hoping you say Ellada, here I come...
Have a lovely Sunday and great week! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello sweet Teje,

I would come to yours if only I would manage the language! I have studied Spanish for a while now so I think it'll be my destination :) but I can definitely visit?

Enjoy your weekend!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, you sure brought sunshine to my day. We are cloudy and rainy and gloomy! Your new coasters are so lovely. Love the new ties with flowers, so cute and clever. Will you really be moving? I'm sure your coasters will soar out of your shop.

Mia said...

Dear Robin,

We've had this plan to move to Spain for years, and some years we definitely will. Not yet though, our nephew must be big enough to fly on his own ;) to visit us often! But yes, the not-so-secret plan is that we could stay winters there and summers in here but we'll see :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're gorgeous Mia, like little rays of sunshine!!
So glad you're having bright and sunny weather. :)
It's almost like summer here today, I'm off to the park now!
Happy Sunday,
Vivienne x

Jane said...

I am so pleased that your daylight has returned Mia...there is nothing better to lift us up is there? The move to 1/2 a year in Finland and the other in Spain sounds fab.....we have visited all the Spanish islands but never the mainland. What a plan and a ready made holiday for your nephew when he is grown!
Happy sunny week!
Jane x

Jane said...

PS the new Spring Coasters are wonderful - as your coasters always are :0)
Jane x

Fleur Cotton said...

Beautiful coasters.
Fleur x

ANNE said...

Love your coasters AND love your plan.

A bit of Finland and Spain in one year!! Hooray and good-bye cold, long winters. Keep learning SPanish, Mia!!

Happiest new week......April is almost here.

Thinking of you and happy your weather is finally warmer.


Mia said...

Dear Jane,

I am loving all the sun and brightness...Spring is here (after three or so months I have been talking about it...), and if I'm not wrong, a certain b-day is near too ;) ?

Kisses to B!


Mia said...

Thanks Fleur!

Have a happy and sunny week!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

It's finally here: Spring! I wish sun shines at yours too! And not that long until your travels...Wonderful!

Have a great day!


millefeuilles said...

Mia, your blog is delightful! I am your latest follower and look forward to the sweet goodness you will share with us in the future. I hope you have a beautiful springlike weekend.


Mia said...

Hello dear Stephanie,

And you're so welcome! I have been SO busy lately I have been a lazy blogger, but I have quite a few things to show to you soon!

Have a wonderful weekend and many sunny greetings from Finland!


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