Giveaway Sunday

I have received a lot lately. Some beautiful flowers, cards, parcels, greetings, congratulations, best wishes. I also had many visits from the Mr. Postman last week, and I'm not exaggerating if I say I'm been sent wonderful things all over the world, thank you so so so much, dear ladies! I feel so blessed in many ways, and add sunshine from early morning until quite later afternoon - I couldn't be happier. And I firmly believe in when you have - share, and that goes with happiness and...

...and other pretty things too. So it's time to have a little giveaway, and the "rules" couldn't be simpler. There are three little HandmadebyMia-pouches to choose from, and all you need to do, is just leave a message on this post stating which is your favorite, or even making them 1-3. This just when the winners will be picked, the most loved pouch could perhaps be sent to each of them. It may not go just like that, but I wish every each pouch will find a happy home and bring some smiles with it. The comments will be open for one week, and I'll announce the randomly picked winners on Monday, March 12, 2012, and then ship the pouches where ever you are! Please make sure, that there's a name or link or email or any little detail in your comment to make sure it was YOU leaving it just in case you'll be the winner!

And what there is to be won:

Three little pouches, starting with:

1. Green pouch

Green wools, hand knitted, machine felted, and little yellow birdie admiring the sun&clouds was needle felted. Lining is reused yellow-white striped cotton and there's a little pocket inside too. The green pouch closes with an old and pretty pearly button.

2. Brown pouch

This one is made of different browns, hand knitted, machine felted, and little brown birdie eyeing the white (hah!) apple was needle felted. There's some more white apples inside too, it's reused brown-white cotton, and there's a little pocket too. This brown pouch closes with a simple white plastic button.

3. Blue pouch

The blue pouch has many different blues, all 100% wool, hand knitted and machine felted. There's also a little needle felted red birdie holding a heart-y balloon (an old heart-shaped button). Inside there are some more blue (and creamy) stripes, the lining is from an old Marimekko-shirt, and the pocket is the original pocket too! The blue pouch closes with a pretty red plastic button.

Here they were, and I wish you like them and will find a favorite! Happy choosing, and all the best for the random winner picking! I'm now off to have some more cake and admire my more pink than possible tulips!

Wonderful Sunday to all of you!


P.S. I will not be answering the comments on this post, so it will not mess up the names&numbers on this giveaway thing. All your comments are always read with love, though.


faith76 said...

Lovely giveaway x would love to win the blue number 3

Crafts @ Home said...

What a wonderful giveaway :) I love them all..... but if I had to choose, it would be 3, 1, 2
Sue Xxx

Anonymous said...

I love them all but I think my favourite is the green and yellow one with the sunshine. It's so happy and cheerful (and my favourite colour is yellow!). Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Ihana arvonta!
Valinnan vaikeus, kaikki niin ihania, mutta kun yksi pitää valita: 1. Green pouch


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy birthday Mia, good to see lots of pink for you on your special day! :)
Thank you so much for a gorgeous, generous giveaway. I would be more than happy to win any of those beautiful pouches but I do feel drawn to the brown one with the apples. However if my name was to be so lucky to be drawn out I would be happy with any.
Enjoy the rest of ytour day,
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh Mia,
How lovely to be able to put down favorites of something so adorable. I say, Green 1st, Blue 2nd and Brown 3rd........but that is being so picky because they are all so lovely!!!!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday my dear Mia...I'm so glad you are having a lovely time and are being spoilt as every birthday girl deserves to be! What a wonderful giveaway. Without hesitation I would choose as number 1 the sunny pouch as it made me smile as soon as I saw it. If I had to put them into order I would say 1,3,2 but they are all gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your day,
Jane x

Nova Melina said...

Oi miten ihania! Onpas vaikea valinta, mutta taidan lähteä tavoittelemaan ruskeaa pussukkaa. Olikohan se kakkonen..? :)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Happy Birthday, my Dear Friend!!! I'm so happy to hear that you have been spoiled with beautiful presents! And how sweet of you to think us with your cute pouches!
I think ... green, blue, brown ... or brown, green, blue ... hmmm ... green with sunshine!
Thank you again and have a lovely week!
x Teje

Emer said...

I have to say I like the green one best, cos it reminds me of St Patricks day coming soon. Happy Birthday and thanks for another great giveaway.

Anne plumcreek22 said...

What a fun giveaway. I like them all but my choices are blue, green, brown.

Happy Birthday to you, Mia.
Enjoy every minute!

Sunny Sunday to you,

LittlePixie4 (via Etsy) said...

I love the blue pouch the best... such lovely colors! They're so small and cute... such a great little odds and ends carrier.

MINNA said...

Ihania pussukoita, joista eniten pidän nro 3. sinisestä. Pistän peukut pystyyn, että onnetar suosisi :O)

chrissie said...

You are so clever Mia. My absolute favourite pouch is the blue one but should I be lucky enough to win I would be thrilled with any. Thank you for the chance of winning xx

Helen Philipps said...

Happy Birthday, dear Mia! I love the blue pouch best, but all are lovely. Thanks for this sweet giveaway. Have a wonderful week!
Helen x

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I would love to be entered please and the green pouch (no1?) is my favourite.

Happy Birthday Mia, I'm so glad you had a lovely time, March Birthdays are the BEST. Bethx (the linen cat)

Gill said...

Gorgeous purses Mia!
I like 3, 1, 2

Anonymous said...

Superihania nämä kaikki Sinun työsi ovat. Iloinen, että olen löytänyt blogisi. :)
Ykkösvaihtoehdon laitan ykköseksi, jos kävisi niin, että onnetar suosisi.
Aurinkoa, iloa,

Christine-Bellylaugher said...

Hi Mia,
Thanks for having another give away! If I won, I would love number 1!

Anonymous said...

and as I'm still greedy to have more lovely birdie, I'd like to participate in your generous giveaway!
being choosy is very difficult with you but I'd say '2 brown apple' is my wish then 1 and 3
my fingers are crossed... Masae :)

Fleur Cotton said...

I've just found your sweet and beautiful blog today...and I will definitely be following you from now on.

I have my fingers crossed that I win one of your purses they are just the cutest I've ever seen!!!

Happy Crafting


Penelope P. said...

They are all so lovely, Mia. I would be happy with absolutely any one of them. Penny L in Dorset U.Kxxxx

Linda said...

lovely pouches. I would be so happy to win any of them. The little birds make me smile. I think it would have to be green, brown, blue

Sibbe said...

Suloisia, ihania pussukoita. Olisi mukava voittaa ruskea pussukka ;)

Mia said...

** Comments are now closed, thank you so much everyone! I'll be back about this a bit later!

Mia **

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