Easy Easter

My favorite holiday (apart the C-thing which we shall not mention here quite yet) is almost around the corner; there's only about five weeks until Easter! That's wonderful as that holiday really opens the spring in my books, and it's also easy yet just perfect laid back family holiday, four days of togetherness, chocolate, and sunny hours with nothing too major to prepare beforehand.

That said there's always room for little Easter decorations, though. I found those cuter than cute reused fabrics above in a thriftshop some weeks ago and I just saw them as the little...

...coaster backs! Last year it was all about cute bunnies, and this year I went for little tweets and some flowers...

...and birdies AND some Easter eggs...

These are not only for Easter but they're perfect for spring also! There are more tweets (and tweeds) on my desk already, and the nest is here.

Happy Tuesday!


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Jane said...

What gorgeous fabric you found Mia. I totally agree that next to my favourite C time comes Easter. It also features chocolate heavily which is good in my books. Your latest tweet coasters are wonderful and their bright spring colours put a smile on my face this rather chilly Tuesday morning. I am sure they will fly out of your shop. Have a great day it's my jewellery class today for me.
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh they are gorgeous Mia, just look at that cute bunny fabric!! :)
Easter is my favourite holiday of them all (beats 'C' any day)!!!
I'll have to get my bunny coasters out now that spring is here and Easter is on it's way. It doesn't seem that long ago that I put the 'C' ones away, where does time go to!
Happy Tuesday,
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, just tried to purchase coasters and it said I could not do it at this time?! boo who!
I will try again, I was going to purchase the 1st ones with the 2 tweets and tulip.
Hope I can get them, xoRobin❤

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane! I sort of "eek-ed" when I saw these fabrics, and I just HAD to make them as coasters!

Have a wonderful say, enjoy your class and kiss B for me please!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I thought you might like the little bunnies, I fell in love with that fabric as soon as I saw it!

I am taking Easter things out slowly as the colors go greatly with the sunshine!

Happy Tuesday!


Mia said...

Dear Robin,

I just emailed you also, as the coasters you liked were just sold before you! I am making some new ones as I type (well almost :)!) and I wish you'll like them as much!

have a wonderful and hopefully sunny day, I'm sending you some, we have plenty today!


Helen Philipps said...

Lovely Easter fabrics, makes and chicks today Mia! It's such a happy and colourful time to decorate for isn't it?
Hope you are having a sunny week.
Helen x

Mia said...

That's just right, Helen, all the wintery-decorations start looking too dark and a bit dull too and we just need bright yellows, greens...Light and air!

Have a sunny week too!


Anne said...

I just came home after being out-of-town and saw your coasters.

Adorable birdies and fabric!!I love my bunny coaster from last spring.

Pretty candleholders! (-;

Thanks for this cheery post. I love Easter and spring.

Happy International Women's Day to you and your readers......


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

My marvellous March ;) continues with tweed&tweet and I am happy! I wish you the sunniest ever month (we have it here, if you need any, just let me know) and happy days! And it's not that long until your trip... Wonderful!


Teje said...

Hi Mia! I love your spring coasters! You found perfect fabric for them and those tweeties are so cute! We had so beautiful and warm spring and today it's gone again - blaah.
I always wait your lovely posts and again it didn't come to my reader - nyt en ala kylla enaa!
So I go back to my old style and just visit you often!
Have a wonderful weekend! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It's not that springly here now, it's been snowing heavily for two days :( but sun shines and days are brighter and longer so I'm not complaining THAT much! And I'm sorry about the reader-thing, maybe blogger is making some new changes again (as that robot identification etc.) mie en ymmärrä niistä mittään ;) please just visit me often, dear friend!

I wish you a wonderfully sunny week!


Beth said...

Your Easter coasters are lovely, I just reluctantly put my snowman ones away, as let's face it, we really are out of snow season here in the UK. I hope your enjoying lots of sunshine there in Finland, everyone was in shorts and t-shirts here on school run today!!??!! Bethx

Mia said...

Dear Beth,

NOT quite the t-shirts yet here I'm afraid BUT first time for months I managed a long walk without my felted mittens&hat! It's the little things, you know ;)

Happy last days of March!


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