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And that's mine! Thank you so much, Nova!

The award comes with request to tell seven random facts about yourself, but I think I have done that so many times already with other awards, that I'll just bend the rules here and take random shots of 7 of my favorite things in my house. That will do, right? And instead of handing this to 10best blogs I know I'll be an old bore and hand this award to all of you lovely blog-owners, who visit me here - enjoy and share in yours, please!

1. Glassware

Just a few things here, many in use at the moment. Oh yes, I do collect Finnish glass (Iittala mostly, Marimekko and some Ristomatti Ratia pieces too), but all are in use daily, nothing is bought just to keep in cupboard. I dream about the Oiva Toikka birds also...Maybe when I turn 50?

2. Books

Oh yes. I love books. There are piles everywhere, on shelves, tables, window seats, bags...There are hardcovers, paperbacks, new, used...They've all read, though, and many several times too.

3. Sewing machine

I do not enjoy machine sewing that much, but I do know a good machine. When you've used a bad and you get to try a great one - it just doesn't get better than that. Love at the first stitch.

4. Yard

I know it doesn't look that much of a beauty now with all that snow but come May and it's lovely. Behind those threes there's a river lurking too and somewhere under that white stuff are my roses *sigh*

5. DVD´s

My taste to TV-series is as impeccable as it's with the books: anything about 80s or with English policemen goes. And I need to have them at home so I can re-run the favorites. I also am a series-collector, see the three new Poirots still unopened, they'll be my weekend treat. I am also thinking of buying the Boardwalk Empire on DVD (it's too slow for me to have one episode per week) and Madmen 4 is also on its way. Bliss!

6. Wall hanging

I bought this wall hanging before we bought this house, and I was sure I'll find the house to match. I did. This was love at first sight too. It's a Finnish one, from Hanhisalon Kutomo Oy, not an unique piece, my sister might just have the same in her wall, good taste runs in a family they say.

7. Wool

Like books and DVD´s, wool is everywhere in our house. In shelves, yes, but in plastic boxes, bags, under and on the sofas, under and on the tables, chairs, in the washing machine and the washing lines... Everywhere. And with these amounts of wool, there's always some dust too. My nephew (3yrs) visited us the other day, and after he had started to play in our living room he quickly came to me and asked: "Auntie, what's wrong with the vacuum cleaner?" (we keep a mini-one in our living room). I helped him with a stuck button and he cleaned a long time, and came to me again: "I had to clean the bigger trash by hand" he said and gave me the look. Oopsy.


Have a happy Thursday, everyone, and enjoy the weekend soon too!



Fleur Cotton said...

Congratulations on your award, well deserved, your blog is lovely.

I love your photos and especially the one with all that wool....heaven! Your stash looks a bit more organised than mine!

Fleur xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi My Sweet Mia,
So nice to see your favorite things and collections. I think that idea was so clever. I love what you love too. Your wool is so nicely stacked and the colors are yummy.
You DO have so much snow still, I wish for you lots of sun and warmth to melt it all away. So you will have roses to smell and pick!

Helen Philipps said...

Delightful post today Mia! You DO have a lovely blog! And we like so many of the same things it's amazing really! Love your pretty yarns, what a wonderful stash. (Love Poirot and Madmen too, just watching Season 4!) Thanks for sharing your seven things and well done on the award, you deserve it.
Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you, Fleur!

And my wool stash might be nice and neat, but you should see my fabrics...huh. I use the all the time and WHO HAS the TIME to fold the neatly after rummaging ;)

Have a wonderful day and many sunny greetings from Finland!


Mia said...

Thank you Robin,

Now that we have a bit more light here, it's nice to take pictures inside TOO, and there's no need for a flash (I hate it). And you're right, we have so so so much snow still, but at least it hasn't snowed for two days, yippee!

Happy weekend soon!


Mia said...

Thank you so much Helen,

I always enjoy when you show your beautiful handmades, and your pretty working space and garden and wanted to share a few corners of mine too, and I'm happy there were your favorites too! Now that it's sunnier and lighter, it's a delight to photograph inside too!

Have a happy and sunny weekend soon!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats on the well deserved award Mia!!
I loved this post! :)
Your glass ware is so pretty and I love your wall hanging and all that yummy yarn!
I too have Pfaff sewing machine and my daughter does as well, I think they are the best.
Your poor, poor roses. :(
And that little man, what a star not only does he pick my name but he cleans too!! :)
V x

Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

I'm happy my picks seem to be liked, something little different to show you this time! And I really have trained my nephew well, don't you think :)

Have a wonderful weekend soon!


Jane said...

Of course you have one lovely blog Mia and I love to visit you here. Such great photos today showing a peep into your favourite things. You have a great order there, I like that! Sadly the snow is a bit too deep and long lasting I agree but hey those roses are there somewhere.. It's nearly the weekend too.
Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane!

Our snow is melting (I'm firmly believing so!) and I almost see grass already *wink* - in the meanwhile please keep sharing your beautiful garden shots!

Have a happy weekend soon!


Teje said...

Congratulations, Mia!
This was a lovely way to share 7 things! I love your collections! As you can guess I enjoyed seeing marimekko, iittala etc.
Little boys are so cute and yours seems to be great help, too!
Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

Mia said...

Thank you, Teje!

I thought that you'd like my mugs and cups :) they're something so Finnish, and as the years get by, I seem to love them more and more... Middle-age here I come?

Have a wonderful weekend, sunshine and happy sewing!


Anne said...

Congrats on your award. I love your blog.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your home. My favorites are the books and all of your Finnish glass and dishes.

Here's to a new week, soon.


Mia said...

Dear Anne,

Have a wonderful new week too! It's been sunny and pretty here but now it snows again :( I wish it's more springly at yours!

Happy Monday!


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