Hello dear Friends!

Here's to that jug (almost) full of names! There were 24 of you, thank you so much all for leaving such a wonderful comments of those little pouches! I also had the most wonderful little assistant helping me, I had booked him way beforehand to make sure he'll be available for this special occasion, and after my vigorous shake he did a wonderful job:

I apologize a slight blurriness of these pictures, this assistant was so quick I had a real hard time following him with my camera...

...our first winner is LittlePixie4, and she said: "I love the blue pouch the best" - hooray, that will be yours soon! And then the next...

It's Vivienne from Greenrabbitdesigns! She wrote: "I do feel drawn to the brown one with the apples" - that one will be traveling your way soon! And the last one goes to...

...Sibbe! You liked the brown pouch best also, but I wish the green one will bring sunshine to you days too?

So here they are! Congratulations, and THANK YOU ALL still once! LittlePixie4: I'll be contacting you via etsy soon for your shipping details, Vivienne: I'll mail you in a minute, and please Sibbe, email me handmadebymia at gmail.com so I can get your pouch shipped soon too!

And of course there was little something to our official supervisor too...

Here we go!

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and happy Monday!



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!

Jane said...

Oh lucky ladies...great to see Vivienne came out of the hat! The sun is shining here Mia...it's been 17c in my garden and I had a cup of tea out there with Billy when I got in from work. Sending some your way thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway and for having such a helpful name picker!Have a great week my friend,
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Big kisses to your handsome assistant for picking my name, such a clever, clever boy!! :)
Thank you ever so much Mia, I am so delighted, they were all beautiful but there was something about the brown one that attracted me to it.
You have made my day and give that gorgeous little man another biscuit! :)
Happy Monday (mine definitely is anyway),
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Congrats Viv, SIbbe and Pixie!!!

Happy Monday to you all and a big thanks, Mia for such a fun giveaway.

It is rainy here and NOT snowing. Maybe spring wants to get here soon!!

best wishes,

Teje said...

Congratulations to all lucky winners! Well done, little assistant!
Sunny wishes to you Mia, from rainy Crete!
x Teje

Annie said...

Congratulations to the winners.

Glad to see your giveaway assistant was better behaved than mine ;D

Fleur Cotton said...

Lucky lucky winners!

I had my fingers crossed all weekend...hopefully next time!!

...and what a very helpful little assistant you have, well done to him!

Happy Days
Fleur xx

Mia said...

Thank you, sweet Robin!


Hi Jane,

I'm so happy you and Billy can enjoy the garden already! Sun shines here too so we're slowly following...


Hi Vivienne,

And yippee for your win! The little pouch is on its way already! And oh yes, that little boy got more than one ;)


Hello Anne,

It's not snowing here either (2nd day in a row!) and we're enjoying sunshine! Here's to spring in yours and here!


Hello Teje,

I wish your rain has gone now, and you're heading to sunny weekend! It shines here, yippee!


Hi Annie,

My assistant behaved but that's not always the case :) but he's still the sweetest little guy ever!


Hi Fleur,

I definitely will have an another giveaway sooner or later! And that little assistant of mine send you all lovely ladies big (wet!) kisses!!!


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