March I love you

Oh man, what a title yet it just nails it. I love March. In my books (weathermen be aware) winter is ohi-over-terminado-förbi-finito (feel free to add any other language you may know). That's it. We've had it.

And March also has some other great things attached like birthdays. I am a big fan of those and if they happen to be mine, even better. Years that come with those celebrations I'm not that keen, really, but at the end of the day I'm still 30-something crafter as I state in my profile.

I am planning to make this March extra special. Sunshine I cannot guarantee (except with that blue birdie-pouch) and I am not promising to post every day, but more often than in February definitely. And there will also be a thing or two to make you smile too. The pouch-giveaway still needs some grooming, but it's definitely a March thing too. Before it I open this happy month with a sale in my shop, everything is -20% (excluding shipping costs) 1.3.2012 - 31.3.2012! All you need to do is type coupon code MARCH2012 when checking out after shopping, and the discount will be automatically calculated. Spring-sale here we go!

I hereby announce marvellous-March officially opened!



Laura said...

Nämä sinun teoksesi ovat toinen toistaan ihanampia.

Mia said...

Kiitos Laura hyvänmielen-kommentistasi!

Lämpöisin ajatuksin Mia

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Whoo hooooooooooo!!!!
Spring here we come!! :)
Happy days Mia, I'm such a happy bunny today!
The thing about birthdays is to forget the age and enjoy the presents, I hope your's is wonderful and that the sun shines on you.
Tell that snow that it's spring now and to go away.
Happy Thursday and Happy Spring,
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Sweet Mia,
Hurray for March!!! Guess what we are having a winter snow storm! I think it must be a mean trick, I want Spring but I guess I will have to be patient! Happy Birthday Enjoy!!! I will be enjoying this snow day.

Jane said...

Happy March my dear and over here we are enjoying a balmy spring like afternoon ;0) Nearly time for your special day too! What a gorgeous birdie in your first photo...the clouds are parting and spring is coming. What a generous sale too in your Etsy shop...I hope you sell loads of your beautiful work.
Jane x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Your striped pouches, and these ones look gorgeous Mia :o)

So do the buttons ;o)

Happy March my dear,
Love Donna xx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

It seems that 1st of March gets us pretty excited - spring it is!

I wish you the happiest weekend too!


Mia said...

Hello dear Robin,

It's snowing heavily here too as I type so spring is feeling a little bit more distant than this morning but I'm still hopeful :)

Happy weekend soon!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I'm so happy your spring is in full bloom, and we are following closely ;) have a wonderful weekend soon, we're going to have a little celebration here come rain or shine!

Kiss B for me, please, and show him the sunniest spots (he might find them himself too?)!


Mia said...

Dear Donna,

I promise the pouches will be ready this weekend ;)

Enjoy this happy month!


Anne said...

Happy March!! What a great thing to write and say. Spring must be coming soon (don't you think).

Here's to sunshine and special days,Mia.

Happy Birthday to you.....

near PlumCreek

Annie said...

Loving the little pink bird. I was actually hoping for a bit more winter (I know, sorry!) but I think I'm going to have to accept that any chance of snow here is gone ... my first snow less winter in years, not happy. But I love spring too, and March really is a perfect month!

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

It's an another sunny morning here, so I'm hopeful for this whole spring-thing :) I'll have a special weekend and I wish you just the same! We'll talk soon again!


Mia said...

Thank you, Annie!

I'm sorry you haven't had ANY snow! I wish I could send you some, it would be perfect if we could change weather a bit... Ah that would be wonderful!

Enjoy your weekend soon, come rain or shine :)


Teje said...

Dear Mia, thank you for your lovely March post! After so cold winter I'm really enjoying your sunshine pouch and the pink is so cute!
This month sounds very good - spring, birthday, smile on our faces and more energy!
Have the best ever March!
x Teje

Mia said...

Dear Teje,

I am wishing you the most wonderful March too, and hooray, there's not that long until you'll be traveling...How many days (I'm sure you not exactly :) dear friend!)?

Sweet, sunny Saturday!


Helen Philipps said...

A lovely cheery post, Mia! The sunshine and blue sky of the top little pouch looks like the start of spring.I love the pinky one too, and those sweet buttons!
Enjoy your weekend and have a great start to March!
Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you, dear Helen!

The pink buttons are my favorites (surprise!) too, and they go beautifully with gray I think! Hooray for sunny-March!

Lovely weekend to you too!


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