Hello dear Friends!

Thank you so much all of you who participated to my cards-giveaway! There were 19 of you (yippee!), and I just draw the winners! I apologize the darkness of these images, but when it's this bright outside *little sarcasm here* what you can expect inside
...but to the happier issues; here are the official pictures:
 ...shake-ty, shake-ty shake...
 ...da-daah, the first:
 ... the second...
 ...and the third:
 Here they are:
1.Cindy (Cynthia), who said: "I like the red set best! All are so cute...Hi from Cindy"
2.Heartsease54 said: "I love the grey set the best-thanks for the chance to win!"
3.Caro left the comment: "I like the grey-set most. I must say that you are very creative! I just love your creations. Caro"

Thank you so much ALL for your wonderful comments on my cards, and congratulations to the winners! It'll be a red-set for Cindy, and gray sets for the other lovely winners! Heartsease54's email I found via your blogger-profile (I'll be contacting you in a minute!) and Caro, laitahan meiliä tulemaan handmadebymia ät gmail.com ja laittele osoitteesi minullepäin, niin saan lintuset matkaan sinulle! and Cindy, please confirm that you're Cindy I already know via handmadebymia at gmail.com THANK YOU!

Lovely Thursday, everyone!



Nova Melina said...

Voi eiiiii!!!!! Miten tää ihana arvonta on mennyt multa ohi!??! Ihan tyhmää. :(

Teje Karjalainen said...

Congratulations to lucky ladies! Wonderful winter land! xxx Teje

Mia said...

Heipsan Nova!

Seuraavalla kerralla sitten :) lupaan järkkäillä näitä jatkossa vähän tiuhempaan!

Mukavia joulumessuille (muutenkin juhlakauteen!) valmistautumisen hetkiä!

Terkuin Mia

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It's pretty and white here now, but gray (aka dark!) still as sun is just not shining... So I am enjoying your sun-filled posts instead!

Happy day!


Stins said...

What a pretty snow pictures!
Congratulations to the lucky ladies who won the cards :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the very lucky winners!! :)
I'm not complaining any more, you poor girl you've got snow!!!
Sending some sunshine and a have a lovely Thursday,
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Many congrats to the winners Mia. oooooowwwwwwhhh you have Winter Wonderland already....I am loving your snow BUT I must admit it is sunny and milder today here so I can just admire your Christmassy weather. I think we have had enough snow here in the UK to last us for a few years. Keep snug my dear, take care,
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Lucky lucky winners, How happy they must all be to be winners of "Mia's Handmade's".
Finland looks so dreamy! A winter wonderland for sure! We haven't had snow YET, just flurries.
Take cosy my friend, xoRobin

Anne said...

Congrats to Cindy, Heartsease and Caro!!!

Thanks Mia for this fun giveaway. Something cheery on a snowy day. I didn't know you guys had so much snow already.

Stay warm!!
Anne PC22

(I hope this goes through--I had trouble leaving comments on other blogs)

Mia said...

Hello Stins,

I will get some more pictures during the weekend if the forecast is accurate: sunny&snowy promised :)

Have a great weekend soon!


Mia said...

Oh yes, Vivienne, we have A LOT (and more coming down as I type)... But I must say that I prefer this to constant rain we've had last 5months...This is pretty at least!

Happy weekend soon!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I must still once say I LOVE your new Holiday-shoes I saw today...Just perfect for celebrating C!

It's snowing here again, but as I said to Vivienne earlier, this is much better than the rainrainrain we've had for so long...

Kisses to Billy and happy weekend soon!


Mia said...

Thank you, sweet Robin!

I wish Mr. Postman visits you soon too to bring you some happiness and to brighten your autumn-days.

Have a good day and happy weekend soon too!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

I wish your commenting-problems are gone now as your lovey message came through me with no problems!

I wish you a lovely weekend soon, and get Mr. Postman to work tomorrow too :)


Helen Philipps said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! How amazing that you already have snow, Mia! It looks so pretty though :)
Keep cosy and have a happy weekend!
Helen x

Caro said...

Jihuu! KERRANKIN onni potkii arpajaisissa! Kiitos, kiitos!

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

This week's beginning has been mild, even warm-ish and the snow has almost gone. Now it's getting colder again so soon... It'll be all wintery again!

I wish you a lovely week!


Mia said...

Heipsan Caro,

Sinulle on postia tulossa, toivottavasti lintuseni ovat mieluisia! Minulla on myös ihan surkea tuuri kaikissa arvonnoissa :) joten mielelläni juuri sinulle tämän voiton lähetin!

Iloista marraskuuta!

Terkuin Mia

heartsease54 said...

Mia, just got my package today-thank you so much, I just love the cards, they are so special and the little bird that you tucked in is now hanging from a knob on my desk above my computer where I can look up & see him. LOVE him. Thank you so much!!!

Mia said...

Dear Carmen,

You're so welcome! I am happy the little tweets traveled to you this fast and were liked!

Lovely, lovely November and happy Thanksgiving soon too!


Shanti said...

I love all your pretty projects as usual, your photos make me happy...
I totally love your little birds!!! they are super super cute!
:o) I hope you are not freezing!!

Mia said...

Thank you, Shanti!

I wish you a beautiful and happy November it's rainy and gray here...


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