Knitting in the rain

It's only 35days until Christmas, and I for sure should be showing the pretty new stockings here, but no such luck today. I blame the weather, it really couldn't be further from the winter wonderland...Please see yourself:
Just gray and well...miserable, really. But it's not that bad here, it's just that I've been making more colorful and cheer-me-up-sort of things than Christmas-items. Like birdies and bunnies...
...and some more bunnies...
...and some more...
...and wait a minute, this one actually is Christmassy! Yippee!
 ...and the lining most certainly is, I found it a while ago in a local thrift-shop. I love it, it has tiny stockings and presents on it...
And the stockings will appear here (and in my shop) soon too. This is a promise. And soon they should as it's getting closer to the last shipping dates from here (Finland) to anywhere else (meaning further locations like US, Japan), it would be great to get the parcels shipped around Dec. 3-7th to make sure they'll arrive in time. And you, my dearest inside Europe, we should still be alright shipping on the following week meaning Dec. 10-14th. I will have my shop open until Christmas as usual, but anything wished as gift should be ordered pretty soon. It really is that close!

I wish you a wonderful Tuesday, and we'll see here soon soon soon again!



Anonymous said...

Woohoo for the bunnies!!!
Good to know that they're not just for Easter! :)
Goodness I can't believe your weather Mia, NO snow, surely you're covered in the stuff by this time every year!! Although I wouldn't be complaining if it was me!!
I say it all the time but I really don't know where this year has gone to.
Happy Tuesday my friend,
Vivienne xxxxxxxxxx

Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

I knew you would appreciate my C-bunnies (I think they're actually soon being everyday-bunnies!) :)

And the weather!! I can't believe it's been raining here almost constantly since May...that's 7months! Blimey! I wish we'll get a white Christmas at least.

I wish you milder, drier and sunnier days, my friend!


Stins said...

Dear Mia, chrismassy or not, your makings are as sweet as ever!
And that lining is indeed so cute...
Your view outside looks a lot like ours these days (except for the treesand the blobs of snow ;D),
Boring weather don't you think?
Love from Mirjam.

Mia said...

Hello Mirjam,

And thank you so much for your comment! And I couldn't agree more: this rain is just TOO much, how about some sunshine for a change :)

I wish you happy and bright days before Christmas (all 35 of them!)!


Helen Philipps said...

Hello Mia Your new makes decorated with bunnies are adorable! Nice and colourful too to make up for that grey rainy weather! Wishing you some sunshine soon and hoping you have a happy week.
Helen x

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Oh, we definitely need a lot (I mean A LOT) color here to beat this grayness... Thank you for your wonderful blog being one of those rays of sunshine!

Happy greetings from RAINY Finland!


Jane said...

Good morning dear Mia..where did all your snow go...?!! At least you can still see the grass and trees. Try singing whilst you are knitting in the rain. How busy you have been with all the super bunnies. I do so love the Christmas lining fabric. Nearly time to get out M's stocking..how exciting. Billy sends a very big purr and kiss to you, he is trying to get on the keyboard as I type ;0) Keep dry,
Jane x

Megumi said...

Your bunnies look happy. They make me smile and feel happier even though we are having gray rainy days too.
Happy knitting in the rain. Hope you will have nice weather soon.

Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

We've had SO MUCH rain this year, it's actually quite unbelievable really, and there's no end to it...i am just wishing for a white Christmas, I think that's not too much asked? Only 33days to go and all...

I wish you a lovely week, dear friend, and kisses to B again! He's so handsome in your avatar too!


Mia said...

Hello sweet Megumi,

Lovely to have you visiting me here! I'm so happy my bunnies (and other little creatures I think?) cheered you up - your message did that to me too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anne said...

I hope the colors cheer you up on a grey, rainy day, Mia.

So adorable little birdies and bunnies. I love the Christmas fabric for the inside of your bags.
Was it a tablecloth?

Happy creating and Happy (almost) December,

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! I was reading 'knitting in the train' - I guess I was hoping that you was going to Helsinki for Christmas shopping with your sister! Your new pouches and bunnies are super cute! With that weather it's better use sunny colours! Have a lovely weekend my friend and hope you get soon some white snow to lighten the atmosphere! x Teje

Wendy said...

I love the bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, I do love your little pouches, I have the beautiful black + bird one you very kindly sent to me last year with me on a visit this weekend, it is carrying my sewing supplies and is perfect for the job. I always imagine you to have snow all the time by now, perhaps wishful envious thinking from 'rainy' England. Bethx

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

That fabric inside the bag is from a pair of curtains (!!) , must have been the 90s as the colors are quite bright reds and green... But I like it a lot!

Wishing you a lovely last days of November!


Mia said...

Hello sweet Teje,

I WISH THAT TOO - but unfortunately this year we do not go. We'll go to IKEA Kuopio on 8th though, it's better than nothing :)

I wish you a lovely Wednesday!


Mia said...

Hello Wendy,

I love them too!

Happy last days of November!


Mia said...

Hello dear Beth,

I'm so happy you've found use for that little pouch! And the weather...It's not only UK that is rainy these days, it's been pouring down here for last 7months or so... Snow will be wonderful for a change!

Happy days before the Holidays!


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