December 1st

Dear Santa,

I know you are very busy these days, but please try to find a minute to take a look at my White Christmas 2012 wish-list! I really have been a good girl (ask anyone!), and I think after this long and busy year I really need something wonderful in next to my stocking. So please take a look at my list, and if you can't deliver all this (I understand, you have so many to get gifts for!), just let my husband/sister/mom to know what I would love to have. Thank you.

Happy December, and see you on 24th!



1. "Lokki" By Yki Nummi/ Skyflyer lamp by Yki Nummi 
Image source: Finnish Design Shop

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II in white
Samsung GALAXY Note 2
Image source:  Samsung.com

3. "Mariskooli" bowl by Iittala in all possible colors (except the ones I already have, please ask list) starting with "matt frosted" beauty here
Mariskooli Bowl 155 mm matt frosted   

4. Dolce Custo capsule coffee machine "Circolo" (it's a real miracle-maker rather than just a coffeemaker really I've been told)
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Circolo Valkoinen EDG600W
Image source: Prisma verkkokauppa

5. Pink/Silver Glitz Chronograph Bracelet Blair Watch by Michael Kors (or any other adorable watch of his in silver/pink)
Michael Kors Pink/Silver Glitz Chronograph Bracelet Blair Watch.


It's December again, dear friends! I have had a long and busy year, but here we are again, getting the December-posts together! Previous years here and here - we'll see how this year will turn out! There are quite a few things I would love to share with you (news smaller and BIG to come), and today, December 1st, I would love to hear your Santa-wish-lists! If money/space/anything was no object, what would you wish? Please share! If you have a blog, make a post, it would be so so lovely to read! If you haven't got a blog, share in comment post, please! Thank you!

See you tomorrow again!



heartsease54 said...

Well, the only thing I really want is a new laptop-brother-in-law was informed & he will pass on to everyone else. What I don't want is more crap that I have to dust. And really no more fabric-just have no room to store anything more. So my list is pretty short. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite a list but you're right you have been a good girl and so deserve them all! ;)
I would really, really love an I-pad, but we'll see!
Happy festive weekend my friend,
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi there Mia, You have indeed been a VERY good girl. If I would Santa I would get everything on your list for you on Christmas Morning. It would all be beautifully wrapped and have your lovely name on it!!!
Let's see what would I like, well I always love jewelry, I like David Yurman and there is a ring I have been admire ring, I could use a new camera and I also would love an iPad. I've been good too I think!
Happy December 1st❤

Mia said...

Hello dear Carmen,

My thoughts are similar, I really want one (or maybe two) thing I really love/need/will use. I most probably will not get all in my list ;) but the coffeemaker would be so so so lovely (and the lamp). Pleaseeee, Santa, pleaseeee :)

Have a lovely December!


Mia said...

Dear Vivienne,

As I said to Carmen earlier, I most certainly will not get ALL in my list :) even I've been SO good, but those I would buy myself if I had money... But one can dream... And I would love to get an iPad too...HOW did I forget that from my list?!?

Happiest first weekend of December!


Mia said...

Sweet Robin,

Thank you - I wish Santa will read your message! I am not familiar with David Yurman and I am so googling it NOW to find out! I wish you'll find the ring of your dreams in your stocking this year!

You've been fantastically good :)

Have a lovely 1st of December!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Mia, your wish list is great and hope all the Santa's helpers sees your list! I was happy to see your last years' collections, beautiful work as always!
I'm wishing a new matress and new laptop! Those would make me really happy and also would help me a lot! Then of course there are few other things: boots - I want boots!
I wish you wonderful December - IHANAA JOULUKUUTA MIA! Hugs from your far away Finnish friend! x Teje

Mia said...

Ihanaa joulukuuta sinullekin, Teje!

And your wishes sound great too! A new mattress makes all the difference (same with pillows!) and as a happy owner of new(almost, it was some 3 months ago I got this, has it really been that long???) laptop I can say it makes life rosy! I hope you'll get just perfect presents this year!

Lovely Saturday dear friend!


Jane said...

I love your list Mia.....my number one is a Big Shot die cutter and rumour has it that Santa has heard that wish and is loading up the sleigh with it soon. Happy December my dear...our favourite time of the year. Off to look for our tree today and it is white with frost outside...perfect.
Jane x

Mia said...

Dear Jane,

I'm so happy Santa has already heard your wishes ;) that's a good sign that your stocking will be filled with perfect things on 25th!

I hope you'll find the most wonderful tree!


Anne said...

Happy December AND Happy wish list making!!
I hope Santa will bring you some of those goodies, Mia.

For me, a new camera and a plane ticket would be perfect.
I'm trying to be good. 0-;


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

I wish you'll get the ticket (to Europe, I presume :) ?) AND the camera, you've been so good this year too!

Lovely December!


kathy said...

I like your list.
For me, I would like a new sewing machine and the time to go look at what's out there.
I bought myself a smart phone for my trip to Sweden & Finland this year so I am good on the electronic toy department.
I would also like to be gifted with a trip to Hawaii - one where I just have to pack my bathing suit and go and not do all the planning of said trip.

I have tried to be good this year.

Hyvaa Joulua and I hope Santa brings all of your goodies.

Mia said...

Hello dear Kathy,

I LIKE your list too, especially the Hawaii - sounds lovely with no planning whatsoever, just bathing suit&relaxing... ahhh...

I wish you lovely December!


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