December 2nd

It's the First Advent Sunday, and we have snow! It's just like magic, world feels Christmassy when everything is white and beautiful. Inside (and out) it's sort of beautiful shade of gray all the time, it's not getting bright at all, but snow makes the light softer. The time is perfect for candles, and today it's time to light the first of four. Do you still remember the set of Advent candle-holders I made a few years ago? They work beautifully, but some time last year we had a little accident and one glass was broken. I have been looking for a replacement in thrift-shops ever since with no luck, but I am sure one will come up eventually. So this year I wanted to make an another candle-design, and just a temporary one too. And something me of course too...
I have had this little bird-cage for years, I found it in a local thrift shop and fell in love with little tweets even you can see: the cage has been broken. It's been on top of my cupboard for long time waiting to be fixed, but...
Hello little tweets! The cage is gone, and you're going to have new adventures soon! And just click image above to see how surprised the other birdie looks...And it's just getting better...
What is this now? *peckity-peckity-peck*
Oh no, is this an another cage?
 Of course not, you have a Very Important Job now...
You're the official candle-masters 2012 now!


This little candle arrangement was once again based on my dear friend Anne's idea for the snowglobe, and it was first introduced in my blog here. I used the idea last year too, and this is one of the greatest and most versatile decoration-idea I know, you just need a jar/vase/glass, some salt and something pretty to put into the salt. Definitely craft you can do without shopping first. If the candles are very long, I would recommend to use something to hold them in place in salt (light an old candle and drop some stearin on the bottom of the vase first and stuck the candles there, or use little candle holders). And as always, be careful with real candles, dear friends, admire them all the time and do not leave them alone.

Happy First Advent, everyone, and see you here tomorrow again!



Teje Karjalainen said...

Oh how beautiful, Mia! I love that kind of simple candle decoration! Is it or is it not ... aalto? Thank you for a lovely idea and good first advent! x Teje

Mia said...

Dear Teje,

Thank you! The vase is my favorite even it's not aalto, it's Risto-Matti Ratia's Puro http://www.muurla.com/index.php?PAGE=4&NODE_ID=4&LANG=1&group=16&family=6 I would LOVE to have a big aalto-vase too (I only have those small ones) but the price has still been too high.

Have a lovely day!


Jane said...

Happy 2nd December Mia, great to see you blogging each day. Those birdies must be singing their freedom now...what a lovely candle display. Enjoy your evening, we had such a heavy frost last night that it looked a little like snow.
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mia and what a good job those free little birds are doing! :)
First Sunday in Advent and after a week of dry crisp and chilly days ~ we have rain! :(
Enjoy the new week Mia,
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, how lovely the candles are and what a special way to celebrate advent! The birdies are so sweet and free! Wait till they realize they can fly!
Enjoy your week and see you tomorrow : )

Beth said...

Very, very cute and I'm so glad you have snow to help bounce the light about a bit. I hope you're keeping snuggly and warm indoors with all your usual Christmas lights. Bethx

Anne said...

Happy beginning of Advent.
Sorry to hear about your old candleholder getting broken.
This new style is so pretty. (Teje asked the question that I was thinking---Aalto??!!)

Happy December and new week to you, Mia,


Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

I wasn't sure if was up to this everyday-blogging earlier than a few days ago, and that's why I didn't announce ;) if beforehand. I have many ideas and things to show to you all, the weather/no light is the only thing slowing me down a bit.

See you here soon again!


Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

I know, the tweets are really taking this seriously :)

I hope your weather turns prettier soon, it's getting wintery here (-21c as I type!)!


Mia said...

Hello sweet Robin,

These birdies have been waiting to be in action so long, that it just warmed my heart to see them in charge of the candles :) and I'm happy I could share them with you too!

Happy week to you too!


Mia said...

Hello dear Beth,

It's getting colder here so hopefully the snow will stay as it really makes everything brighter after a loooong gray&rainy year. I've parked my blogging-spot permanently next to fireplace :)

Happy day!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

The candleholder aka glass was broken when me&L were having a great time so no hard feelings, but I would love to find an another one to complete the set as I really liked them. The glass wasn't any "find brand", rather cheap and old so there's a possibility someone takes some to thriftstore for me to find!

And the vase is not Aalto (unfortunately as I would love to have a large Aalto) but an another great Finnish designer Risto-Matti Ratia (and brand is Muurla). You can see the vase "Puro" (creek in english) more closely here: http://www.muurla.com/index.php?PAGE=14&NODE_ID=14&LANG=1&artist=2&family=6

Lovely day!


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