December 25th

The Christmas Day...

 ...candles shimmering...

 ...children smiling...

 ...something for me...

...and for him...

...and for all!


From all of us to all of You a Very Merry Christmas!



Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! So beautiful Finnish Christmas feeling! Your presents are wonderful! When I eat my Wiener Nougats I think you!
x Teje

Mia said...

Dear Teje,

It's lovely here, and I am still in my pyjamas... Just as it should be :) Enjoy your chocolates...

...Happy day, dear friend!


Anne said...

Merry Merry Christmas, dear Mia.

It's still early here. Just a little snow falling.

Lots of happy memories and making new ones.
Thank you for your lovely December count-down.

Anne and all

Megumi said...

Your candles are Beautiful.
You must be having wonderful Christmas night. It's Christmas morning here. I am enjoying a quiet, beautiful (cold and no snow...yet, still sunny) morning.

Merry Merry Christas Mia,


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy Christmas my dear Mia!!!! :)
Vivienne xxx

verykerryberry said...

Happy Christmas Mia x

Happy Homemaker UK said...

We were in Finland a few years ago to 'visit' Santa. What a lovely country and people! Wishing you a wonderful new year!

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

I wish it was all beautiful at yours around the Christmas! We have the snow here, more pouring down as I type...

Happy weekend!


Mia said...

Dear Megumi,

I hope your Christmas was all wonderful, and you're still in festive mood all the way until the New Year! I wish you the greatest weekend!


Mia said...

Dear Vivienne,

Thank you for your wishes, we had the loveliest time! I wish you've all enjoyed the Holidays to the fullest, with extraextraextra chocolate of course :)


Mia said...

Wishing you all the best for the New Year soon, Kerry. may it be sunny and bright!

Warmest greetings to all of you!


Mia said...

Hello dear Laura,

Lovely to hear that you've visited "us" and liked it all! Santa made a brief appearance at ours too at 24th and brought some lovely gifts and was on his way to you to fill your stockings at morning of 25th :)

I wish you a lovely New Year 2013 soon too!


Helen Philipps said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas, Mia, with all the right ingredients!
Wishing you a Happy New Year.
Helen x

Mia said...

Dear Helen,

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes! We have a wonderful Christmas, and we're still keeping up the Holiday Spirit until the New Year! I wish yours have been a truly magical too!

Have a wonderful weekend and all the best for New Year 2013 soon too!


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