December 3rd

December has taken me by surprise, really, and I haven't even taken up my advent calendar yet. It's a plain and simple, it's shown here, just my hand-knitted white wool-pouches with rather rustically embroidered numbers. Simple and re-usable, and it can be filled with chocolate anything fun. I still remember those calendars our mum used to make me and my sister too, she made a big house (matchboxes clued into a cardboard), and each day had something little to be found. I also remember how long December felt as child (and now blink! and it's over), and can also see that on my little nephew... Christmas is so much awaited, and the advent calendar a few little windows opened each day make the waiting a little more bearable...

"This is my main calendar. I thought the first window would have a tree, a Christmas tree but it had a fireman. I like it. I think tomorrow it'll be a saw." (And it was a saw on 2nd window, go figure.)

"This one is my angry birds-calendar, my auntie got it for me. It has pictures only but I like it. And I like the pigreindeers too."

"Here I got a little polarbear-baby, look!"

"This really is my mom's, and it has poems in or something"

 "This one I just open now *nom-nom-nom* did you get the picture of it? (nope)

"It's my Lightning McQueen calendar, and my fifth. Should I tell you how I got this one? I went shopping with my auntie, and we did go to this little sweet-shop, and the nice lady there gave this to me for free. She asked if I had a calendar already and I told "FOUR!". My auntie said something like "ahem" which was silly because the lady really wanted me to take one calendar home. There were Hello Kitty's too but I chose this. Thank you nice lady in the candy-shop!" 

Auntie aka me: "And it's 3rd of December today, so only 21 x 5 = 105 more windows to go before Christmas. Blimey."


Wishing you the loveliest December 3rd may you have a calendar window/s or not to open (or fill)! See you tomorrow again!


P.S I just realized that this (this blogging-thingy) is my calendar! So I'm not late or anything, but just in time!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that boy has enough advent calenders, maybe he needs more!!! ;)
No wonder December seems long with that many days in it!!!
Happy new week Mia,
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

I'm still laughing Mia! 5 advents for the little one, such fun and a real special treat for all of you to see his face and innocents. I can tell how much you love your nephew, he is a cutie.
Happy December 3rd to you, it is going so fast.

Helen Philipps said...

Your post made me smile! A little boy (or girl) can't have too many advent calenders...but it does take a bit of time to do all that door opening :)
Btw I was thinking of your 'snow scene in a jar' post at the weekend, as I remembered making one inspired by you and was thinking I might do it again...and then you mentioned it too :)
Wishing you a happy crafty week, Mia.
Helen x

Beth said...

Hello lovely Mia,

Oh I'm behind reading again! I love this post, and that you have 4 advent calendars, you even beat my boys ;) Happy December!


Jane said...

Happy 3rd December my friend. Oh the joys of Christmas through your nephew's eyes and ALL those windows to open. I got a boy skiing today in my advent calendar, I wonder what number 4 will bring? Keep counting down,
Jane x

Anne said...

What a fun collection of Advent calendars.
Mr L might be late to school because he's opening so many little windows!!

Happy counting to you all,


Teje Karjalainen said...

Thanks, Mia for sharing your calenders because I don't have even one this year. No use to hide chocolate in the pocket for each day, anyway we would eat them before the end of the calender!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Dear Vivienne: I think in this more is more ;) but I am sure the lego-one would have been enough, he dreamed about it all autumn! He's a lego-nut!

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Robin,

He's the dearest, and I might be spoiling him a bit too, but Christmas is just a special time!

I am wishing you wonderful moments!


Mia said...

I know, dear Helen, there just can't be too many of them :)

I am so happy if my little posts inspire you, the snowglobe was my dear friend Anne's share, and a great one too!

Enjoy your December!


Mia said...

Dear Beth,

Please do not worry, December took me by surprise too, and it's 5th today already...so fast!

I wish you and the boys happy December!


Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

Your calendar looks so sweet, it brings memories from my childhood! Enjoy your window-opening, dear friend, there's not that many left...


Mia said...

Dear Anne,

He's pretty quick, and I think he wakes up earlier to get the lego-thing completed each morning :)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Mia said...

Hello dear Teje,

my problem too :) but this year I'm choosing candy-canes instead of chocolate, and I think one per day should be enough on those.... ;)

Have a wonderful day!


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