Chatty gang

Hello friends!

We're are the secret visitors from the other day - and we were so anxious to be seen here in out full glory! Mia has been planning to make us for a loooong time, and finally she found the time to make us happen - we've been on her sketch book for years months. We are now happily waiting our new homes; Mia said that she loves us dearly, but there's simply no room for all of us here (and we're ready to make you smile!), and that's why we still would like to introduce ourselves a bit more:

I'm Mr.Fox, and I have my friend, Mr. Blackbird with me all the time. He's a great guy but he naps a lot. I mean a lot.

My name is Kitty Black, and I love flowers and all things pink. My friend Bob Pink is representing my favorite shade of pink (see him on my head) but I also love the color Mia finally managed skillfully painted on my stand with.

Hello! I'm Bob the Yellow, and I am here with my friend Busy Bee! We both love sunshine and flowers, and our color is just sunny-yellow Mia said, although we're not absolutely sure if she really remembers sun as it's been so dark and gloomy here lately?

Good afternoon! I am Miss Bunny B (B is for Brown but I love a bit of mystery) and I really have the green gene Mia so much misses, flowers keep growing where ever I hop. I love them in pink as they match to my nose and ears. 

Hi, Hefner Heffalump aka the Blue Elephant here! I have the best friend any Heffalump can have, and I am carrying her around most of the time, please meet F. Uchcia the bird! And I know, she's just about to fall asleep in this photoshoot and I need to hold her with my trunk. I asked her to get a good night sleep last night but my, did she listen? Nope, and look at those bags under her eyes now...

Hello! We are the team of Kitty Sweet and Bob the Pink! Whaat? You can't see Bob here? Wait, wait...Mia! Help! We need a picture of Bob here too! Alright, here we go...



These little guys would have chatted for hours, and if you wished to see a bit more of them (or maybe adopt one of them?) they can all be seen soon in my shop here. This really was one of my dreams to come true to get these cuties done, and I wish you'll love them as much as I do!

Lovely, lovely weekend, everyone!



Anne said...

Hello Gang, Happy to see you up close:
I like them all but my favorites are Mr Fox and Mr Bee!!

Bravo, Mia----love your newest creations.From your notebook to reality.

Happy weekend and happy creating to all,

Mia said...

Hello sweet Anne,

Thank you! We're all having a happy weekend here, and I we wish you the very same!

Warmest wishes from snowy Finland!


Nova Melina said...

Ihania!! Miten osaatkin! Kettu ja alin kisu on mun lempparit, vaikka kaikki ovat aivan hurmaavia.

Mia said...

Kiitos Nova!

Ihanaa viikonloppua teille, ja iloista laskiasisunnuntaita huomenissa! Olisiko lumelle tarvetta... Täältä saisi ihan reilusti :)

Terkuin Mia

Megumi said...

Hello Mia,
They gave me a very sweet morning. They are darling little creatures! I like everything but my favorites are Mr. Fox and the bunny.
Must have been so much fun to make those guys!

Mia said...

Hello sweet Megumi,

Happy Saturday - it's the evening here already! I LOVED making these little ones, and I wish to get some more done later too (after a few custom-orders :) I have). Mr- Fox sends his luuuv and happiest weekend-greetings!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They are so cute Mia, of course I love Miss Bunny B the best but I had to smile at Bob the Pink hiding behind the kitty! :)
They really are brilliant
Wishing you a happy rest-of-the-weekend!
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I thought Miss B. might be your favorite :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, I wish it snows LESS at yours than here :)


Teje said...

Hi Mia and new friends! You are just amazing - all of you! Wonderful idea again Mia and so well made! Mr. Fox is close to my heart! Was it already 'laskiainen' and I didn't 'laskea' at all!
Have a great week dear friend! x Teje
Ps. Did you see that I have a give away going on?

Mia said...

Hello sweet Teje,

And thank you for your lovely comment! I will pop in later "at yours" too see the giveaway, thank you already!

Happy new week!


Helen Philipps said...

How sweet these little characters are, Mia! You are so clever to create them! I love the fox and the bunny best, but they are all amazing!
Have a happy week!
Helen x

Mia said...

Hello dear Helen,

Thank you! I wish you many springly and sunny days with happy crafts!


Beth of The Linen Cat said...

They are lovely Mia, especially Mr Fox. It's always so nice to add 'new' things isn't it? I bet they fly out of your shop. Bethx

Mia said...

Hello dear Beth,

And thank you! I wish you the loveliest spring - happy creating!


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