Alive and kicking

Hello everyone! I am still here, even it seems that blogging is on the bottom of the arm-long list this month. Oh my, what a busy month this has been, but luckily October (starting next week btw, how did this happen?) should be a bit easier. I am not moaning here though, I have gathered all these things to do for myself, and I am getting it all done one thing at the time.

We have had such a lovely autumn weather, warm and sunny but yesterday we hit by a snow storm. You read it right, s-n-o-w. It started on the previous night already, and lasted all day. The snow was so heavy (wet) it cut trees and/to power lines, and our whole city was out of electricity for hours. There were many car accidents too as everyone still has their summer tires on (well obviously as it has been almost +20C and sunny for past weeks). Today has been windy and rainy (some snow, mostly sleet) and there is still a lot of snow on the ground. I refuse to show you any pictures*, as I simply can't believe we had almost 20cm/7.8" snow on September 23rd. Maybe if I do not think it, it goes away. 

A lovely, sweet girl turned one recently, and we had such a wonderful family occasion. No bouncy castle quite yet, but other happy things pink (please notice her vehicle on one photo), and one smiling birthday-girl. She has a blast celebrating, went for a nap (almost two hours) and continued partying. What a lovely little lady!

It seems that my next thing to do (decorate mittens) is more than appropriate for the weather around here *ahem* and I have been busily knitting some more too when ever I have had a minute to spare. They should start appearing in my shop during this weekend, I hope. In the meanwhile I wish you the most wonderful last days of September, and wish to see you much more often here come October!


*Well there are some to see on my Instagram as I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday. Today I am just annoyed that the snow is still there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, so nice to hear from you! I can't believe, snow?! My hb just returned from Finland and visited also 'Linnoitus' in Lappeenranta: best ever apple pie, he said. But they were the most lucky guys having that amazing summer weather. They came back through Sweden and there it was already cold and rainy. I do hope the snow goes quickly away.
Looks like you have had the best party with that cute little girl and Moomins! Adorable socks and mittens! I got Moomin calendar, lal lal laa! x Teje

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely party for that sweet little lady.....and lots of lovely pink too! It is amazing that you have had snow already, Mia! Hope it goes soon. Love your new mitts, they do look cosy :)
Happy week!
Helen xox

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, One year old, how can that be, what a little sweetheart! Love the pink truck and her brother helping her in the picture : ) I can't talk about the, well you know what......hope you have nice weather again soon. Love the mittens, can't wait to see what you felt on them. xoRobin

Unknown said...

Looks likes a fun Birthday celebration. Pink socks and all!! Happy you could be together.Can't wait to see the finished mittens.
Hope that crazy snow melts soon.

Happy late Sept.
Anne D.T.

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I cannot believe it either, and today is Thursday and it is STILL there!! It should melt during the weekend though (finger crossed), and we should have a bit warmer weather coming too.

Lovely that your hb could visit Finland (and when it was all pretty here), and Moomins are the best souvenirs!

Happy last days of September!


Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Thank you! I know, it somehow seems that pink is juts perfect for little ladies, and it is not just me :)

Have a wonderful autumn-days, happy creating!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

I know, where does the time go??? She was just born "yesterday" and now she is the center point of the party!

Wishing your says are more beautiful than ours here, we have a perfect weather for the mittens though :)


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

It was lovely, and all that pink was not just my idea, it seems that it comes with little girls quite naturally :)

I am making the mittens as I type, and will show them to you asap! Happy last days of September!


Megumi said...

Snow!? Wow.
It's so fun to see the birthday photos. Glad she had a lovely day! Cute cards and cake and everything!
You must be happy to share your love of pink:) - I line pink too:)
Happy knitting and have your October has been good weather.

Mia said...

Hello dear Megumi,

Oh yes, we had a big bunch of snow, but luckily it hasn't been around since. The weather has been quite good, actually. I wish your days have been sunny and beautiful also!

Wishing you a happy October!


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