Quarter report

Lovely September, everyone! We have still beautiful, sunny and warm weather, not too bad at all. This month will be quite busy due to all different things happening almost at the same time, but I really wish this autumn will then continue happy and more relaxed than last year when I ended up having a long blog-break.

Autumn has always been a new start for me, sort of second New Year really, as holidays are over, and work and schools start. It is time for a new calendar, planning future and taking a little look back too. I am playing with new ideas for the months to come, and even it should not be said out loud yet: In the online selling-world Christmas seems to be just around the corner... I am not that organized, yet, but getting there.

But here we go, here comes the unofficial HandmadebyMia Quarter Report 2014 starting with some earthly-toned birdies

and following with some more colored birds

and then there are some happy cats

and some Moomins too

Looking pretty me, don't you think? A tad more color to brighten the gray and rainy autumn and winter days and we are all done, right? And believe it or not, I am pretty well prepared for the upcoming season:

Happy first week of September!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ahem!! 'A' and 'C' seem to be mentioned quite a lot in this post!!! ;)
Lots of lovely bright makes and very you Mia! You really are quite an artist, your little birds are stunning, well all of it is actually!
Wishing you a much more relaxed 'A' (I'm not saying it yet) this year my dear.
V x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Mia, Happy September to you, too! Great start for the autumn with all those beautiful things you have made! September sounds so nice but here it's still hot. Some clouds remind us about the change of the season. Can't think about Christmas yet. Hugs! x Teje

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Happy September Dear Mia! Lovely, sweet and abundances of making this quarter! All are beautiful, creative and cheery. You are so talented in your craft and really so beautifully made and felted with style. I wish you a happy Autumn, not "C" yet.........

Jane said...

What a lovely colourful report my dear friend. Good to see you back and I hope life is good for you in the run up to our favourite time of the year ;0) xx

jama said...

Happy September!

What lovely creations! You've outdone yourself. :)

Megumi said...

Mia, I really like your purple wall hanging and bag. Such beautiful color with white and green. Very well done.

Thanks for the quarter report. I am proud that I own some of your wonderful creations.

I see you are knitting mittens - oh, summer is over isn't it. A bit sad and a bit exciting at the same time. Soon I can wear my mittens you knit! I can't wait. The reason I said "sad" is that my humming birds just left - I think they left yesterday... I wish their safe journey to wherever you are flying (probably south) with their little wings.....


Anonymous said...

I love the happy cats! And everything else too... but they are my favourite :D

Karen said...

Your creations are delightful!

Unknown said...

Hello Mia, Fun to look back at your old creations.
Love everything, esp. the Moomins.

Happy and creative September!!
Happy weekend, dear Mia,
Anne and all

Helen Philipps said...

Happy September, Mia! You have made a lot of lovely things, perfect for autumn. I love the warm colours! Hope you have a bright and sunny autumn.
Helen xox

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Hello Mia,

Happy (nearly over - oops!) September to you! Lovely photos, and you are so right, the big C really is only just around the corner, I just read a big blog post on Folksy reminding me that if you ever want featuring in magazines you need to have your Christmas stock listed by the Summer!!!

Hope you're enjoying some sunny days! Bethx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I am running a bit late commenting (a BIT!), but here we go: thank you! I am loving your way to refuse mentioning either A or C yet, although it makes sense as it is still summer at your calendar!

Wishing you the most wonderful holidays!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I cannot think Christmas quite yet either, but presumably we as internet-business owners should have all C-stock out there already... sigh.

Wishing you happy and sunny days, and happy crafting in your new home!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your lovely comment! It is good to look back at times to see what you have done (it also makes it more concrete).

Happy autumn to you too, may it be sunny and beautiful!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Happy autumn-days! I know you (and me also in a little while) will be loving all C-tasks, and this year we will have the little ones also to think (loving it!), I really think we should be starting soon... Yippee!

Happy crafting days!


Mia said...

Hello Jama,

Happy last days of September to you too! I wish your days are sunny and pretty still!


Mia said...

Hello Megumi,

I wish your autumn is still in full bloom with some sunny days and colorful nature (even those sweet hummingbirds left, they will be back soon!), here we have snow and sleet - far too early. But it is a perfect weather for mitten-making!

Wishing you happy last days of September!


Mia said...

Hello Mel,

Thank you! Cats are my favorites too, and I love making them - one is just appearing in mitten too - I show it to you soon!

Happy last days of September!


Mia said...

Hello Karen,

Thank you so so much! It is lovely to hear that my makings are liked - keeps me happily making more!

Lovely autumn!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you! It was lovely to take a look back, and realize that even it gets crazy-busy at times, I still get things done :)

Wishing you happy autumn days in your new home, enjoy!


Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Thank you! It seems that more close to winter we get, more earthy-tones my work gets! I hope your autumn is pretty and sunny, we here...well not so much :)


Mia said...

Hello Beth,

Thank you! And I know - I just am not one of those (wonder)people who have c-stock ready in summer, I was just patting myself on the back having a few pairs of mittens ready ALREADY... sigh.

Wishing you happy and beautiful crafting-days!


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