September, squirrels and sunshine

After a how-you-put-it-politely bad summer August and September have been such a joy. Sunny, bright days, almost hot at the times, and colors changing from pretty greens to deeper, richer shades. Days are getting shorter and night are very dark already, but this all has happened in sort of slow, soft pace, and I am all happy with it. Welcome autumn!

Nature's beautiful colors and all things autumnal have been inspiring me lately. I have made a few custom pieces but all the other times I have been rolling little woolen balls and making leaves, birdies and acorns for...

 ...Happy autumn-wreaths! Birds, flowers, leaves, acorns and...

... a happy little squirrel too!

Happy September days to you all!


P.S. Oh yes, that is me lurking in the window behind the squirrel-wreath with camera *wave*


Jane said...

How lovely to see your cheerful sunny post Mia.I am so glad that your autumnal weather has given you cheer after such a tough time. Your sweet wreaths are so pretty as are your flowers. Enjoy the sunshine and yes the nights are getting longer....whisper....our favourite time of the year is coming;0) Hugs xx

Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

Thank you - and you are so right, I am feeling quite happy and cheerful, sun shines and autumn is showing its prettiest sides! And oh... just a little while until C, I think I can mention that here now that V is on holidays ;)

Have a lovely week, dear friend, sunshine from here and kisses to Billy!


Rebeca said...

Que bonito!

Unknown said...

Hello Mia, Enjoy seeing your local autumn flowers and leaves!! Very hard to choose one favorite wreath! Hoping some warm days and colors continue to inspire you and lift your spirits.

Anne D.T. xx

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Mia, thanks for your update!
Beautiful pictures, I loved your flowers and wreaths.
And yes, Autumn based colors are lovely.
Here in Guarulhos we are going to open Springer September 23rd.
Happy September to you!!

Gillian said...

Beautiful autumn wreaths.

Mia said...

Muchas gracias, Rebeca!

Feliz Septiembre!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

Thank you! Our September-weather seems to continue beautiful, which s very, very uplifting indeed! I wish your days are beautiful and nature colorful - just happy autumn-days!


Mia said...

Hello Lucia,

Thank you for your comment! It seems strange (and makes me just a bit envy) that you are having spring now, I would LOVE to change... But our spring will get here eventually (fingers crossed for a long, warm and happy autumn first, and then mild&short winter)!

Wishing you beautiful September-days!


Mia said...

Hello Gillian,

Thank you so much! Have a lovely autumn, colorful and bright with many sunny days!


Marle said...

Aivan ihana kranssi! Kestääkin kauemmin kuin kukkakranssit. Sinulla on paljon mielettömän ihania huovutustuotteita. Omat hahtuvat jäivät kassiin, ei oikein ollut minun laji.

Mia said...

Hei Marle,

Kiitos kauniista kommentistasi! Huovutus iski minulle eka kokeilusta :) ja sillä tiellä ollaan, mutta eihän kaikkien tarvia kaikesta tykätä, voi ihastella toisten tekemisiä? Eikä kaikkea tarvia osatakaan, itse en tiedä kumpi pää virkkuukoukusta on se josta pidetään kiinni ;) vaikka ihastelen aina virkattuja peittoja ja haaveilen virkatuista lumihiutaleista ikkunaan...

Mukavia syyspäiviä sinulle, täällä vietellään syyslomaviikkoa!


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