Summer that never came

Hello dear friends! I am wishing there is still someone out there reading, even I have been away blogland for quite a while. I have started (in my mind) writing a new post many times, but somehow the longer you're off the harder starting gets. But here we are, and the title tells it all. June and July 2015 were miserable, rainy, cold, full of illness, sadness, sorrow and eventually loss. Sun literally did not shine for me (we had one hot day during those two months, August brought one more) but it was not just me, summer skipped this whole country this year. This all said August was much better, we had some brighter days and many happy occasions, so I am not burdening you with my moaning any more, just saying a shy Hi! and wishing that someone's waving back.

Someone turned seven, and started...

...School! How did this happen? Where did the time go? Questions, questions...

All my beloved wool and stuff were abandoned this summer along with my little shop, oh my what a (virtual) layer of dust I wiped off the shelves recently. I started safely with some Moomins, and slowly built it from there. To my surprise I still could sew...

...and that gave me courage to get back to those happy plans I had for this summer, those that were first postponed and eventually almost forgotten. I did an another wipe, for my notebook this time, and started creating something new. Some of you might still remember the little bunny-sisters born last November, they are here. Their cousin Bella was in my sketchbook for quite a while, and finally she saw the daylight a while ago:

She was followed by crafty fox Albert...

Oh yes, he knits!

And last but not least as the schools are just starting there is Miss Agatha Kitty, the teacher all ready for the new school year:

She has a big pen and chalk board...

...and the first apple for the season on its way too!

These little guys make me smile, and they are by far the happiest makes for 2015, and I wish you will like them too. They jumped into my shop here a while ago, and to welcome you all back to there too with coupon code


you will get -20% off any purchase you make (shipping costs excluded) 1.9.2015 - 12.9.2015.

Wishing you a happy, sunny and bright September, it is good to be back!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

And it's good to have you back too, lovely!!
Your new makes are beautiful and so very you. :)
I still can't believe a year has passed since the last bouncy castle and there he is off to school already!!!
Looking forward to many more beautiful HandmadebyMia autumn makes!
Happy September my friend.
V x

Lucia Sasaki said...

Dear Mia I missed you, how good you re-started to blog!
Sorry for your loss.
As for rain I can tell you that here in Brazil we are in dried season with alarming news about lack of water in our reservoirs in Sao Paulo state. I glady would exchange our sunny days for your rainy days in order to ensure our water supply in the next months!!
And yes, our nephews are growing faster each year. My nephew Rafael Itiro is a 6 years old now.
Beautiful goods, dear, I loved your crafter fox and the cat teacher.
I wish for a glad, happy September for you.
Welcome back and update as much as you can!! Your loyal readers give thanks to you.


Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

Thank you for being here for me! It has been a rocky start though, blogger keeps pushing me and my comments off - maybe I have been away too long?!

Have a wonderful start for your September, dear friend, and here's to many happy times ahead!


Wendy said...

Hello and welcome back! Sorry to hear summer wasbhard on you. I love your wall hangings. Especially the bunny as i loved your bunny girls

Mia said...

Hello Lucia,

Thank you for your lovely comment! Warmed my heart as I really wasn't that sure if there were any of my readers out there still! Oh, it would be lovey to exchange some days, you could get this never-stopping-poring to fill your water supplies and we could get some Brazil sunshine&heat - I wish that was true!

Happy September days to you, I hope weather is not too hot&dry, I am really sending some of those big black clouds yours way! And my best to Rafael <3


Mia said...

Hello Wendy,

Lovely to have you visiting me and welcoming me back! The break was needed in a way as there was just too much of everything - slowly my days are looking brighter again! Wonderful to hear that you like my latest creations - Bella the bunny is my favorite too :)

Happy September, I wish to see you here soon again!


Unknown said...

Hoping autumn will be much better for you, Mia. Happy to see new things and foxes, hedgehogs and friends in your shop and here. What a big boy....off to school.
Thinking of you and hoping for a creative September.

Anne D.T.

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

Thank you! Our autumn days have been bright and happy so far- here's to a long and beautiful fall! Wishing you wonderful September too!

Sunshine from here!


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