December 17th

Hello again, everyone!

We got our card decided yesterday, and ordered them too, they should arrive any time soon. Today I am showing you a little something cute I made for my Christmas-house, it was for the kitchen this time. I have been wishing to find some happy decorations for my kitchen, not too Christmassy but something that could stay there for a little longer after the holidays. Mia gave me a tip for these pretty birds, she said she remembers similar ones from her childhood already. Alright, what do we need: scissors, some cardboard...

Then it would be handy to have some of those lovely paper doilies you put under cakes, but here in Riverland they are all cardboard too, so no good here. I am going to replace that with some sheer baking paper, we will see how that works.

Then you need a template of a bird! It can be any shape or size, but this one I have (and it looks like gingerbread brown here, but it is a red cardboard birdie!) is quite traditional with a round tail.

Use that template to draw as many birdies you wish! I am making some pretty blue ones to go with my kitchen, and maybe some red too...

And then to the cutting...

Oh, something is missing? Draw and cut a hole for the wing, very very important!

And then my self-invented wing material! Paws crossed this will work...

Tackle that wiggly paper down, and cut a big round piece of it. It does not need to perfectly round, but if you wish, you could use a bucket or something as template, I went free-paw...

Once you got that round piece, fold it down as fan, poke through that hole you have remembered to make...

... and tape or glue the sides together in the middle. Yippee, my baking paper worked, a pretty bird is ready! Make as many was you need, and raise your eyes to the ceiling...

...and attach the pretty birdies up there with a piece of string!

Oh, love them! But hey, did you hear a sound of something falling when I was busy working on my birdies? Please take a close look of these images, on the back where my stove is... at the very beginning there is a pretty bowl of candy canes but then, suddenly... it seems to be tipped over! I did not hear a thing!

Maybe that was not the best place for those treats, with all that heat... Oh no, they are all melt and sticky - I just have to eat them all now!

Happy December 17th!


P.S. Mia just remembered, that she has made a tutorial for those big birdies, it can be read here! Thank you!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Anna, you have made the most cute bird decorations! That paper wing makes them look so beautiful! You are so well prepered there with all the tools and materials and I love your cosy apron! Can't wait to see what ideas you have tomorrow. x Teje

Jane said...

Anna you are so clever and all drawn paw hand...wow impressive. The birds look so pretty strung up. Do you think Bernard sneaked by and tried to borrow your candy canes....surely not?
Happy Thursday and say hi to dear Mia xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh wow Anna you are clever and those little wings are perfect for free paw. The little birdies will look good long after Christmas has gone.
How unfortunate that the candy canes fell over and that you now HAVE to eat them all.....such a shame! ;)
See you tomorrow,
V xxx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Anna, you continue to be so busy and crafty!! Love the birdies and you can keep them up for a long time!! Funny that you HAVE to eat the candy now, oh well, I guess you have too. hahahaha Can't wait to see what card you picked : )
See you on the 18th, xoxoRobin

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you! Those birds were quite simple to make and they turned out cute. And easy to change different colors too. I try to wear my apron in kitchen always, to cover my dress :)

Happy weekend to you soon, see you here again!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you! I am happy with those birds too! And oh, Bernard has a sweet tooth (well seems that I love treats these days too)...Maybe it was him? :)

Happy days to you, I can't wait to see your crackers this year!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Just my thoughts, I think those birds will twirl up there all the way 'til Easter! And those canes... oh, I simply could not leave them like that ;) they were delicious with hot cocoa!

Happy Friday, see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you! I have had yet an another busy week, but oh how happily so! And those candy canes... they simply had to be eaten ;) and delicious they were too!

Wishing you happy last days before Holidays, see you soon!


Marle said...

Oh how beautiful birds you have done!

Mia said...

Hello Marle,

Thank you! Those are easy and quick to do, and they come any happy color you wish :)

Happy Friday, see you soon again!


Anne Toprak said...

Dear Anna, Fun to see your paper crafting day. Today (friday) is mine. I like candy canes with hot cocoa, too. Just a bit of mint.

Please tell Mia, I remember those special birds from other Christmastimes. <3 <3

enjoy your crafting.... It is so windy and cold here. Inside seems wonderful.

Anne D.T. xxx
PlumCreek22 Studio

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Loved that birdie-crafting, and I read that Mias old post also, those big ones are lovely too! And those candy canes were delicious, I think I will take a cup of cocoa tonight too!

Wishing you a lovely weekend, see you tomorrow again!


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