December 18th

Hello Friends!

It is the 18th and Friday, time really flies, I think it just was last weekend! But no complaints, Christmas is getting closer! For this evening I had asked my best friends to come over to have a great night in, some Christmas planning and just happy time together. I had some cheese ready on a tray, all our favorites!

I took it to living room and put some logs into fire place. Then my first guest, Adele, arrived. She had picked some crackers and salty sticks from Barney's, those will go perfectly with my cheese!

- Uh, what do you think, Anna, should we go for the bigger table?
- Oh yes, I took it out of the warehouse, but I need some help to lift it in place...
- Here we go!

 Much better!

Second to arrive was Anabel, and she had some fruit to go with cheese and crackers!

We managed to fit Anabel's bowl on the table too, and doorbell rang again.
- It is open, come in, please!
- Hello Brita, welcome, and what did you bring...

- I have some freshly baked gingerbread cookies to go with that blue cheese, and Barney also recommended that fig jam to go with Brie!
- Sounds delicious! And wow, is that a new bow?
- Oh yes, I wanted to try something different for the Holidays, do you like it?

There we all were, four great friends with a big table full of delicacies...

... and we ate, we giggled, we had tons of tea, we ate some more, we did a little planning, then we giggled some more... We had a perfect night!

- Knock, knock!
- Did you hear a knock? Are you expecting anyone else, Anna?
- No... It is open, come on in!
- It's me, Bernard!

- I...um...saw this cake at Barney's and thought... uh-oh...maybe you would like to share this with me? I knew you had this friends night, and...
- Oh, please join us Bernard, we would love to have some of that cake! And we still have some cheese and crackers left, and you got to try this fig jam!
- Thank you, that would be lovely...

... But oh my, before I forget, I have something for you, Anna!

- I took it here with my Post-sledge, it was far too big to fit into my bag!
- What? That huge parcel is for me? It says it is from Peggy Pig, Basil Path, Olive Grove, Summer island!

- ???

To be continued...



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ooooh that all sounds intriguing, I wonder what's inside?? Summer island sounds wonderful, I think I would like it there!!
Well Anna what a great evening you had with your friends, the food looked amazing (I think those are the cutest crackers I have ever seen). I'm sure you girls had a lot of fun, I know what it's like when girls get together. Brita looked fabulous, she certainly has an eye for style.
As for Bernard, he certainly likes to look after you! ;)
Happy weekend Anna,
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I am equally surprised, who sent me that huuuuge parcel and what is inside? Can I open it now or should I wait until 24th? Oh my, how exciting! And sweet Bernard, he likes to surprise me - we are just going to have some of that cake next. I wish you could join us!

Happy weekend, see you soon!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, I'm your friend, Peggy Pig from the Summer Island! I was so happy to find you from the internet, what a great place that is! When I saw you after a long time, I wanted to make you something. I'm a little bit worried if the size is good as we haven't met for a long time. Then we used to be little girls, you remember that summer?! Oh those happy holidays! Perhaps one day you visit again Summer Island. Hugs from your friend, Peggy

Anne Toprak said...

Hello Anna and friends, These pictures are making me hungry..... crackers, cheese and fig jam!! Delicious.
Happy you could all hang out together.

Please say hi to Mia. Very curious about the mystery package??!!
PlumCreek22 xxx

Mia said...

Hello dearest Peggy,

Are you really the little pig friend I used to have long time ago?! Oh how wonderful to hear from you, I remember how sad it was when your parents got the jobs abroad and you moved! I will write to you asap!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you once again!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

We had a real fiesta with all those treats! And they made Mia so hungry too she had to get some cheese, crackers and grapes :)

I wish to tell you more about the mystery parcel tomorrow!

Happy evening, see you tomorrow again!


Jane said...

You all had a great get together with some delicious food Anna....even Bernard joined the fun....looking forward to seeing what is in that huge parcel....? xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

We had the greatest time, and time with girl friends (and Bernard) is a necessity every now and then I think! I will tell you more of that wonderful parcel tomorrow!

Happy evening!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

I nearly missed this post. Very busy day yesterday!! So happy you all had such fun. It all looked amazing. My goodness what's in the package???? XoxoRobin

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Happy to see you here again, and just in time to see today's - the opening of parcel!
Have a lovely weekend, and my best to your lovely retired-guy :) there, let's party!!!!

A big hug to you both,

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