December 24th

Merry Christmas, everyone! I can't believe it is the 24th already, the day all the people in Finland and all happy critters in Riverland start celebrating! And that is what we are going to do too, and just take a look at our party-room!

We are all here! And just look what Mia got us for Christmas...

... We got Moomin-mugs!

And Adele opened mail that came all the way from USA too, her and Anabel's sister Alma lives there, and I know she would have wanted to participate, but she has her own big Party to host at Robin's too

She sent some beautiful stitch markers for knitting, we will love to use those, and always think of you when we see them!

And everyone got my Christmas-card too!

Remember the pictures we took? This is what we went for:

I think it's pretty, and everyone loved it too! Oh, now Adele is taking out some presents...

...aren't they just packed like her - did you notice her new diamond-belt&bracelets? And oh my, some more presents are miraculously appearing here and there!

I think it is time us to continue our celebrating, and with you all a

Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And we would love to thank you all reading&commenting, it has been such a wonderful month! And Mia and I also decided, that as there are quite a few of you who still have one window to open in your calendars, we will be back tomorrow again! See you then!



Jane said...

Oh what a fun party. I wish I could join you Anna...and those Moomin mugs......wow! I have just opened the last window on my advent calander and I am getting ready for our celebrations tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and sweet Mia, you have brightened each day of December with your tales, thank you so much. See you tomorrow, don't fill those mugs with too much champagne ;0) xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Merry Christmas! We will continue celebrating here, and one mug (quite big they are!!!!) is enough for little mouse like me;)

Have a lovely day, we will see here tomorrow again!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe what a wonderful party, I wish I was there!! Everything looks so lovely especially those cute little Moomin mugs ! It looks like you all are having so much fun, makes me want to join in and how stylish is Adele!!
Thank you so much Anna and your Riverland friends for making December so much fun, I do hope we get to join you all again very soon.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and please pass on my best wishes to Mia and her family too!
Happy Christmas,
V xxx

Teje said...

Dear Anna, seems like your the best ever party! I'm so happy to see you all there laughing and having fun! Adorable presents - oh those little sheeps! And the diamond bracelet, I saw them imidiately! I wish you happy Christmas eve and I'm really happy to see you again tomorrow! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

We love our new mugs! Mia said she tried to look for a tea set, but when she saw those Moomins in Riverland-size, she could not resist :)
We are going to spend whole day together, and I wish you a wonderful day too with your loved ones!

See you tomorrow still!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

We all loved Alma's present, those sheep are so cute! And diamonds are SO Adele, and her parcels were pretty shiny too :)

Wishing you a wonderful day, see you here tomorrow again!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Merry Christmas Eve DEAR RIVERLAND!!!! Love all your celebrating and the festive party room. All the presents and those mugs are the best! Wherever did you find them?! Santa did a great job! Have the best holiday and thank you for mentioning Alma, she loved hearing you mentioned her and sends a hug and kiss xoxo
Love to Mia, thank you for all this fun in December, it truly was so much fun each day, xoxoxoxoRobin and Alma

Anne Toprak said...

Merry Christmas Riverland friends from your Plum Creek Village friends!! Looks sooo wonderful, good food, presents and friends. Very lovely stitch markers, too.

Send a bit of snow our way. Hyvaa Joulua!! and hugs and kisses,
Anne D.T.
PlumCreek22 Studio and Village (-:

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you so so much! We are having the best time here, celebrating still! Mia says the Moomin-mugs are Santa's secret :) And we simply had to send some greetings to Alma as she could not be here, but I am sure she will have the best time at yours! Thank you for the card&present!

Lovely Christmas to you, see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

The happiest Holidays -wishes to Plum Creeck! We here in Riverland wish you all wonderful Christmas-days, full of joy, laughter and loved ones!

Sending some snow your way, wishing you a white Christmas! See you soon again!


Anonymous said...

Hei! Olemme lukeneet päivittäiset postinne, mutta emme valitettavasti ole päässeet kommentoimaan niitä! On ollut ihana tutustua teihin kaikkiin ja tehdä kanssanne tämä joulukuinen matka Riverlandiin! Isot kiitokset teille kaikille! Toivomme teille Hyvää joulua ja kaikkea hyvää! Anneli

Mia said...

Hei Anneli!

Ihana kuulla, että olette lukeneet tarinoitamme, täällä jo vähän häntä meinasi mennä huolesta kippuralle, kun ei teidän kommenttejanne vähään aikaan näkynyt! Ihanaa joulunaikaa teille sinne, ja kiitos yhteisestä joulukuun matkasta!

Toivottavasti nähdään taas pian!


Beth of The Linen Cat said...

That's just the cutest post EVER. Definitely a party I'd love to attend.....fab Moomin mugs too. Bx

(ps, sorry about all the comments coming at once, I'm slowly working through all the posts I missed)

Mia said...

Hello dear Beth,

Thank you, we all wish you could have participated too :)

Please do not worry, there are MANY posts from December, no need to comment all :)

Have a lovely day!


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