December 23rd

Huh, what a busy day I have had! That is why I am telling you about it this late. It all started early this morning when my doorbell rang. It was Anabel, we had agreed to meet at my house.

- Lovely to see you, Anabel! It is great that there are two of us, I have quite a lot of stuff, these himmelis are pretty tricky to carry, and then all my presents...

- I took all my things to the festivity-house already, just before I came here, so I have two empty paws!
- That was so clever! Let's see, how do we get everything...
- I took a sledge too, so we should be fine!
- Fantastic! And luckily I only got two himmelis left, Adele took one to the Meadow-upon-river Mill and Bernard wanted one for the new Post Office. I think I will leave my basket home and load it all here...

- Oh my, looks a bit... wobbly! But here we go...
- Let me help you too, Anna, and huh, luckily we are quite close already!

We finally got to the Riverland Festivity-house, and it looked great! Bernard and Barney had done great job with the spruce twigs!

We had decided not to have a tree but lot's of twigs, and everyone can hang up their own decorations, stockings and even presents there. I wanted to be the first to go and hung up...

...the stocking I made for my baby niece! We do not know her name yet, but as the tradition in our family goes, Bibi's and Bart's sister will have a name with B!

- That is the sweetest stocking, Anna!
- Thank you so much Anabel, and now let's get busy so we will have everything ready by this afternoon!
- Alright, let's start with this big table...

... and then these chairs!

And from here I think I  will reach the ceiling too to hang my himmelis!

And we worked and worked and had Brita, Adele and the boys helping us too, and by the end of the day we got our Christmas Dinner-room all ready! We will all get together there tomorrow, 24th, and I wish to see you there too!



Teje Karjalainen said...

Huh, Anna, I think this has been tired day for most of us! Lots of cleaning and preparing. Still have to do the dining room tomorrow. I'm so looking for to see you all tomorrow dressed up in the beautiful decorated festive place! I wish you the Happiest ever Christmas! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I know, Mia just said she is exhausted too, with all the tidying up and decorating and and and... We had a fun day, even I need to get my paws up now - and everything is ready for the party tomorrow! I wish you can also have a peaceful night and a lovely day tomorrow, see you at the party!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh my Anna, you and Anabel did a great job getting everything to the festivity house and then getting all thr decorations up too. How lovely that everyone helped.
I love the little stocking....I wonder what her name is!!
The himmelis look amazing!
Looking forward to tomorrow,
V xxx

Jane said...

Well done Anna you have been so busy and everything looks just perfect for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your celebrations. A big hug to Mia too xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh how sweet Anna! Such a lovely table and decorations. Love the stocking! It will be a lovely 24th dinner.
Happy Days and sending lots of love, xoxoRobin and Alma

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Thank you! We did a lot but our friends helped too, and now we are having the greatest time! Wishing you wonderful Christmas!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you, we are celebrating here, and we wish you the most wonderful Christmas soon! A big kiss to Billy too!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you, we did it together! Now we are celebrating here, and we wish you and Alma most wonderful Holidays too!



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