December 2nd

Hello again!

Last night I almost could not sleep, my head was spinning with ideas and places and happy persons I wish to show you! I scribbled my new notebook many, many pages before my eyes were finally shut.

Where yo start? Here in Riverland we have so many interesting things... But hey, it is December 2nd today? Oh dear, I have a visitor coming this morning! I ordered a new rug for my bedroom a few months back, and it will be delivered today! We have our own carpet maker here in Riverland, she is no other than Anabel whose pretty polaroid snap I showed you yesterday. I designed the rug myself, let me show you the design I made...

...and here is a snapshot Anabel sent me a while ago, a polaroid of course (taken by one of her helpers), she is giving finishing touches to my carpet there, I love it already!

And here she comes now, with a big parcel... Really exciting this is!

She has her signature carpet-bag with her and the measuring tape around her neck, she looks like a real pro! But now I just can't wait any longer...

... Just what I wished for! Thank you so much, Anabel!

We are now off to have some tea and cake to celebrate my new rug, but before we go... .

...the second window from my calendar: a little present! Just perfect for today!

See you tomorrow!



P.S. Anabel wanted to add one more thing: Even I said the carper bag was her signature, the polaroid camera would be even more so! She almost never goes anywhere with it, but today she had to, as it is in repairs! Our beloved Postman Bernard Pig accidentally sat on her camera yesterday while delivering some unusual large parcels, he was having a little break and a cup of tea with Anabel and missed the camera on sofa. It can be fixed though, said Anabel, and postmen insurance covers it all.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Haha....those poor postmen are having a time of it lately, if it's not strikes it's broken cameras!!!

Well Anna, I love your friend Anabel......a green rabbit, how could I not!!
What a clever little rabbit she is too, that is one beautiful rug. :) Wonderfully designed by yourself of course.
Happy Wednesday Anna, Anabel and Mia,
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Your comment made Mia laugh so hard she almost spilled her tea&cake (something about postmen being her favorites these days she managed to mumble)! Thank you for joining us today, Anabel sends you a big kiss (from one green rabbit to... you know!)!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, also I almost didn't sleep last night because I had in my mind you and your Ballet Boutique! I really would love to have as cute bedroom as yours! And now with the gorgeus new carpet, light in the corner, it is so so cosy! You can't imagine how much we enjoy your stories and how we need a happy moment with a sweet laugh! Thank you dear Anna and give hugs to Mia! xxx Teje

Anne Toprak said...

Hello again Anna, I've been to the post office (shhhh) and hope the postman does NOT sit on my packages or camera!!

I LOVE your rug; super cozy on a cold winter's morning. Happy Christmas countdown from Anne and her guys, xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna, I am so happy Teje told me about you! You got soo beautiful carpet, I love it, it is so elegant! Anabel is really master carpet maker! And your bedroom is so nice!I am looking forward hearing more about the place you live and about you off course! Thank you for telling about your life!

Jane said...

Oh Anna what a lovely rug Annabel made for you, it's perfect and will fit in your little house just right. What a naughty postman, I hope the camera gets fixed soon...I thought he was on strike!!
I love reading your adventures and look forward to seeing day 3 tomorrow xx

Marle said...

Ihana Anna! Hauska kalenteri, alankin seuraamaan.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh Anna, what a lovely day you had with a visit from Annabel and a the lovely new rug. It is so gorgeous and such a beautiful design by you. Such talent in your town. My name is Alma and I would like to be your friend! Can we be friends? I will visit you tomorrow. OK
Hi to Mia and that darn postman always doing something naughty!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Oh poor you, not getting enough sleep but maybe those were happy thoughts and dreams of new adventures, yours and mine? Lovely to hear that you have enjoyed my calendar so far, see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Happy visits to Post Office - those are the best kind before holidays! And Bernard sends you his promise that other Postmen are behaving, he was just a bit dizzy after a heavy parcel delivery! All mail is handled with love&care!

Many greetings to you all!


Mia said...

Hei Anneli,

Welcome to see my December adventures, and a big thanks to Teje for showing you to Rosy Cottage!Lovely to have you here, see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Bernard is blushing here as he things that everyone might consider him on clumsy and all - he is the best Postman ever, and not on strike but delivering all things needed for Christmas as fast as possible! He wants to make an appearance here soon too, so you will all see him on his uniform and busily taking care of mail. He is especially worried on your opinion on him as he knows you are a pig-fan!

See you soon!


Mia said...

Hei Marle!

Tervetuloa katseleman elämänmenoa Riverlandissa (lähellä Joensuuta :) ohoh), mukavaa kun löysit tiesi tänne! Nähdään taas pian!


Mia said...

Hello Alma (and Robin),

I would love to be your friend! Happy, happy, happy! Please come to see my adventures here often, you might see other sisters of yours appearing too, on third I am showing you Adele's yarn-shop! I know this is a big surprise to you to see all of us here, but we wanted to keep this hush-hush :) so it would be a BIG surprise!

See you soon!


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