December 3rd

Hello everybody!

Lovely to see you all again, and today I am showing you one of my favorite places in whole Riverland. My story started a few nights ago. I was happily knitting on my favorite spot, in my living room near by the fireplace when...

...every knitter's nightmare happened: I run out of yarn in the middle of my scarf! 

It is a birthday gift to Anabel, and I need to get it finished as soon as possible, her birthday is on 6th! It was too late to run shopping that night, but the very next morning I was on my way early. It was snowing heavily so I put on my thickest and biggest shawl, put the yarn sample to my handbag, and off I went...

... to Adele's yarn shop! Despite the heavy show she was putting up the most beautiful Christmas lights! Her shop looks amazing now!

Adele is Anabel's sister, and they both are really artistic. Not only yarn selling but also knit designing is Adele's expertise, and I have purchased many of her patterns, for example for this shawl I am wearing. But today I had a special request in mind... But first I have to show you bit more of her shop, it is so beautiful, Christmas lights, and some beautiful silvery decorations... But what is that big bag there?

- Bernard the Postman just delivered my latest wool batch from the Meadow-upon-River spinning mill! All beautiful blues for happy winter knitting. I haven't had time to unpack it yet as I wanted to put up those lights first. But what did you have in mind this time, dear Anna?

- Oh those look beautiful, but I have a special gray shade in mind! Do you remember the dress you made Anabel for her last birthday? I am knitting her a scarf to match and just run out of that yarn a few rows before it's finished! And it is her birthday coming up soon, so...

- Oh I remember that yarn! It has been pretty popular, so let me see if I have any left...I have some grays over here, wait... Oh yes, three balls still, that is the very same batch even!

- Oh, you just made my day! I take them all, thank you so much! And then I would need some needles too, I think number three, they are the blue ones, right?

- Alright, would you need anything else?
- I think that is great this time, thank you so much!
- Lovely, here is your bag, happy knitting!

- Oh but one more thing before I go... Where did you get that beautiful glass-tree you have on your desk?
- I bought it from Brita's Glass Shop, she has a new, Christmas-line there, she just got them all finished yesterday. All were really pretty, and if I were you, I would rush there before they've all gone!
- Thank you, I will visit her soon, that looks just like what I had in mind! I am off to see her next! See you soon again, at Anabel's Birthday party the latest?

And off I went... But that is an another story, my visit at Brita's, so see you soon again!


P.S. When I got home, I opened my calendar, and got a little tree! How happy coincidence as I just bought a... Hush, hush!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Phew...how lucky was that, Adele having the yarn that Anna needed!! It would have been such a shame if she hadn't been able to finish the shawl for Anabel!
Adele's little shop is so lovely and she has decorated it beautifully for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to seeing Brita's shop!
V xxx
P.S. This needs to be published!!
P.P.S. I'm also hoping that we get to meet Bernard, he sounds like the Johnny Depp of Riverland (which would be a very good thing!!) ;)

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Happy to hear that you liked Adele's shop, she just did a bit of decorating and was a tad hesitant choosing that strong dark turquouse,but with all Christmas bling it works really great! And Bernard... He will make his appearance really soon, it is just that he is so quick that one second he is there and an another just his curly tail as he rushes somewhere! But soon, I promise!

Happy Thursday!


Marle said...

Jäin heti koukkuun! Tuskin maltan odottaa, saako Anna sen kauniin lasikoristeen, tuleeko syntymäpäivälahja ajoissa valmiiksi ja kaikkea muuta!

Mia said...

Hei Marle,

Ihana kuulla että tykkäät! En siis tee juonipaljastuksia, vaan toivotan sinut tervetulleeksi taas huomenna!

Paljon terveisiä lumisesta Riverlandista ja loskaisesta Joensuusta :)


Anne Toprak said...

How fun to see Adele's yarn shop... There is a new yarn shop in my town, but not as sweet as Adele's. Happy to see more of Riverland ( curious to visit Brita's Finnish glass shop).

Happy 3 December from chilly America,
Anne D.T. xxx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Lovely to have you visiting us here again today! And I can't wait to show you Brita's glass-designs, they are a bit more decorated than Mia's usual Kivi's and such but really beautiful!

See you tomorrow!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, I started to smile from the moment I saw your photo in bloglovin! I try to read your story slowly to last longer and now I'm already waiting for tomorrow to see you again! Adele's yarn shop looks amazing! She has the cutest yarns and tools there and lovely sitting place to meet her friends! Can't wait to see the glass shop! Hmmm, we should hope that time pass slowly and now we just hope to be quickly tomorrow to read your new story ... I think this year Christmas comes sooner than ever. Kisses and thank you, Anna! x Teje

Jane said...

Thank goodness for the Yarn Shop Anna, lucky it was open and it was not too snowy for you to get there. I am loving your adventures....I hope your tree is not too tall to get indoors...?
Say hi to dear Mia and see you tomorrow xx

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It is just wonderful that you like my little stories so, that is why I keep telling them here! There are still so many things to show... Please feel most welcome here every day!

A big kiss to you too,

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you! Adele has been really happy all day, reading these comments on her shop! And the tree... just a great mouse-size :), I'll show it soon!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hei Anna ja ystävät! Tänään luimme yhdessä lasten kanssa Riverlandin kuulumiset ja kuulin kommentteja: Ai,miten ihania, oi, miten söpöjä !! Nyt meitä on täällä sitten neljä uskollista seuraajaa ja odotamme taas innolla huomista päivää mitä kivaa kerrottavaa sinulla on ja mitä kaunista meille näytät.Siihen asti mekin uneksimme Riverlandista ja lähetämme sinulle terveisemme ja hyvää illanjatkoa!

Mia said...

Hei sinne ystäväiset!

Ihana kuulla että tykkäätte! Täällä meillä on kaikkea mukavaa vielä näytettävänä, joten vietetään yhdessä mahtava joulukuu!

Terveisiä teille kaikille, ja nähdään huomenna!

Terkuin Anna

Lyn said...

So lovely! I'm sure this could be a children's picture book? Xxx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

This story is the cutest thing ever. I think you should write a book with all of your characters, could you tell Mia this for me Anna?! Love your LYS Anna and Adele is the best, thank goodness she had your yarn and the exact lot#. Can't wait to meet Brita soon. Have a lovely day knitting, xoxoRobin (Alma's mom)

Mia said...

Hello Lyn,

Lovely to have you visiting us here (and thank you for your lovely suggestion *blush*), Anna&friends are very happy theur little stories are liked!

See you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Robin&Alma,

I told Mia your lovely greetings and she blushed even more than me :) thank you so much! We are just busily preparing Anabel's birthday, but some other stories to show you first! A big kiss to Alma from all of us!

See you soon!


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