December 7th

Good morning friends!

I am on my second pot of tea this morning, and still in my bed with some delicious candy canes and gingerbread cookies from yesterday! We had such lovely party, but whole weekend was so busy-busy that I am exhausted still! I am going to take it slow, and sort all happy pictures from yesterday. 

I am making a scrapbook for Anabel for Christmas, and these pictures need to get in too... Or what do you think:

They are pretty great, don't you think? There are a few still, one of me with my pretty party-dress on, just before someone dropped a glazed apple on my bow (never mind, that apple was delicious!):

And then there is this one with Birthday-girl and her new bracelet&scarf (she loved them both!):

...and Bernard eyeing the cake just after Anabel had blown the candle:

These will be the greatest memories for all of us! Now I will start decorating the pages with these pictures, and I think I need third pot of tea too. But just one more thing before I forget: I have opened my calendar too, but have been so so busy that haven't remembered to share my finds with you! On fifth there was a little candy cane, on sixth a present (just perfect for Anabel's birthday!) and this morning I got a little gingerbread man - this calendar is so perfect for my December!

Happy Monday, see you tomorrow again!



Teje Karjalainen said...

Happy Monday, Anna! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and fun party photos! Have a good rest today and see you again tomorrow! x Teje

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Happy Monday my dear Anna♥ Thank you for sharing these happy happy picture of a perfect birthday party for Anabel! Everyone looked so beautiful and of course Bernard looked handsome in their party clothes. I'm sure you are exhausted, rest up and enjoy your scrapbooking! Alma says hi, she is writing cards right now.........xoxoxoRobin

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe what lovely photos Anna, Anabel's birthday party has been captured beautifully, her scrapbook will be a treasure!
Hope you're having a relaxing day today and enjoy your tea, it's the best medicine. :)
Happy new week Anna,
V xxx
P.S. I'm sure your bow will come up a treat after a little soak!

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you! I am all happy and rested now, and ready for some new adventures this week!

Wishing you a lovely new week too, see you soon!


Mia said...

Hello Robin&Alma,

Lovely start for your week too! I am so happy we took this many pictures, so I can save some for me, and put quite a few to Anabel's scrapbook! And Bernard sends you a hello&thank you, he is loving all the comments he is getting :)

Happy card-writing!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Thanks for the tip about bow-cleaning, I just put it soaking, you can't believe how sticky that apple-stain is! Paws crossed it will turn out like new.

Have a wonderful week, I am all rested now, and ready to show you more of Riverland!


Jane said...

Hello Anna I am so glad you got a lie in this morning. It's well deserved after the party. Your photos are lovely, such fun memories of the day. Say hi to Mia and enjoy lots more cups of tea xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane!

That rest was really needed after all that partying! I am still happily scrapbooking here, candles lid and some Christmas music playing... Happy evening to you too!

See you tomorrow!


Marle said...

Hienoa, että jaksoit kuitenkin jakaa noita ihania valokuvia juhlista. Teillä on ollut todella hauskaa!

Mia said...

Hei Marle!

Meillä oli mahtavaa, ja kuvat jäivät mukaviksi muistoiksi!

Ihanaa uutta viikkoa sinulle, täällä häntä jo vipattaa kohti uusia seikkailuja!


Anne Toprak said...

Dear Anna,

Looks like a wonderful birthday party. I had a big weekend too (no birthdays) and am catching up with my comments!!
Happy counting down til 25 December!!

Anne and family xx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

We had lovely time, and I am so happy to hear that you had wonderful weekend too! Here's to happy new week, we will see here often!


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