The memory lane

I just received some happy mail, a pretty card from my dear, dear friend Anne, thank you so much! And not only did that handwritten card make me smile wide, it also throw me back to my childhood.

It was the UNICEF-card which I recognized from the style immediately, and looking on the back confirmed it, and that brought back some happy memories. We, me and my sister, used to get puzzles for Christmas, and UNICEF-puzzles to be more precise. Those always came in white box with a really colorful and detailed picture on top. They were not the easiest ones to make, but we loved them. Seeing Anne's card made me remember those happy times, and also got me rushing into my studios storage room and...

That is one of those puzzles! Actually this is not an old one, I got this for Christmas a few years back (the old ones are in my mom's storage), but how could I have forgotten this? It seems that I have opened the plastic bag inside, but the puzzle itself got never made. Not until...

Today! This is just what I needed after this week. We all know (and have) those "color you calm&happy"-coloring books, and there is a time and place for them (I have one too), but I think it is time to give good old puzzles some praise. I can't think of a better way to slow down, leave your mind in peace, and concentrate on finding just the right pieces...

...starting from the edges, always, starting from the edges.

Thank you for this trip down to the memory lane, Anne, and happy&tranquil weekend to you all!


P.S. I was not sure where to link as this was no way a commercial post, but buying the UNICEF cards, puzzles and all the other things you also donate money for a good cause. More about UNICEF's wonderful job can be read here, worth checking out.


Jane said...

What a lovely card Anne sent you Mia and how sweet to trigger your memories and find your long lost puzzle. Enjoy your mellow day and I hope you finish it...I always start with the corners! Enjoy the weekend xx

Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

I just put on the last piece, it was much faster than I remembered ;) but this left me longing for a bigger one, I need to rumble my storage...

Wishing you a happy weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a beautiful card from Anne and how lovely that it brought back some happy memories.
I think that's an excellent way to pass a very chilly Finnish weekend....enjoy my friend,
V xxx

Teje said...

Hi Mia! How wonderful you found the puzzle and made it! I love puzzles but haven't made any after I started quilting. It's one kind of puzzle making for me. My mom used to clean her sewing table for every Christmas and then made one huge puzzle during the holidays. I did the same some times and enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

Helen Philipps said...

What a lovely card...I remember the colourful Unicef designs too! Love your jigsaw....what a good idea to do something so relaxing and absorbing after a hard week. Wishing you a happy weekend!
Helen xox

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I really did not remember how much fun puzzles are, and addictive too :) I definitely will continue making some!

Happy new week!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Puzzles are great, and quilting definitely is quite similar, finding right colors are pieces to go together, fun!

Happy sewing, dear friend!


Mia said...

Hello Helen,

I am a big fan of colors, and Unicef-designs are always full of them. And makinh puzzles is so relaxing, I will find a new one to make soon!

Have a wonderful last week of January!


Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Hello Mia

Oh how I LOVE a good jigsaw. I don't seem to have time these days, plus I don't think we have any in this house, but a kids we used to do those massive difficult ones with a zillion pieces with my Gran and I continued to love them well into my teenage years (and early 20's!). Fond memories :)


Mia said...

Hello Beth,

I know, I had totally forgotten how great a great puzzle can be! I thought I did not have any but then remembered the Unicef one (and actually found an another too from my stash, what you say, time to clean those shelves, right!?) and made it almost in one go. So relaxing!

Wishing you happy, happy last January days!


Unknown said...

Hello Mia, Happy to bring back some good memories. I don't have any puzzles but we enjoy the cards (mostly at Christmastime). Hope Spring comes soon for you and me.

Keep writing in your gratitude/positive words book. I love that idea. I have a book of uplifting quotations.

Happy new week,
Anne D.T. xx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you still once! Getting mail is always great, and this was extra special.

I have written my little birdie-book every day, some days less, some more, but every day still! It'll be fun to see how full it'll be by the end of this year.

Have a wonderful February, see you soon again :)


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