The other day my post was about my home and it´s colors (pink in that case). That got me thinking colors in my life. My home is quite neutral (those whites, blues), and I also dress with white, gray, dark blue and always blue jeans. Boring you may say and be quite right. How about my crafts?

I use bright reds, greens and yellows happily and mix and match them with such a big enthusiasm. I hardly ever use "traditional" color combinations, and pair my whites, grays and browns at least with yellow or orange. I also "see" the colors either go together or not, there´s nothing in between. I admire fellow crafters, though, who use their red-white-blue´s and natural tones beautifully.

What is this all about? How about your art (well in my case crafts) reflecting you? Which one am I - a traditional bore or a color-blind goofball?

Colorful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia
I have worked out I can comment anonymously, bit of a nuisance but at least I can comment.
About your colours! I think you use your colours beautifully. Your little etsy shop is so pretty with all the colour going on. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hooray! I know these things are pain sometimes, and I hope you´ll be able to comment as "you" soon :)

Thank you for your nice comment, I am actually quite happy with my multicolored crafts and more peaceful home - nice balance!

Have a wonderful day again and many greetings from HOT! Finland!


Jane said...

Hi Mia,

I love your colour palette, it is always so cheerful.

I have just watered my garden and looked at the way nature uses colours, they ALWAYS seem to go so well. I have a black arum lily in flower and with its deep green speckled leaves it looks stunning.

Enjoy the sunshine and keep up with all those colours in your work.

Love, Jane x

Anonymous said...

Mia, do you have Faber Castell polychromo pens available in Joensuu? They are my favourite pens, quite expensive but you can buy them by one and you can choose from about 120 really great colours. You might love them,too!

Maike :)

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