Yesterday I took a look at my home through camera´s lens. My decorating taste is quite simple and Scandinavian: wood, whites and blues and some red during the winter months. Somehow there seemed to be quite many shades of pinks around, too.

Pink is more of a spring-summer color, starting slowly around Easter. First I take out the glassware, then arrive tulips followed by geraniums. Mia the mouse is a regular all year round.

Painting my toenails is definitely a summer-thing too, and as you can see, I am little out of practice here. But hey, they still promised us +30C and more this week so barefoot is the only option, and I´ll be pretty in pink!

Happy Tuesday!


Jane said...

Hi Mia,
How lovely to see some photos of your home, it's beautiful.The internet makes the world much closer doesn't it?
I have matching toenails to yours at the moment..yes pink this week, are you someone who only paints their toe nails in the Summer, I am!
Have a great day,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Jane!

Glad you liked the pictures, not everyone loves pink ;) And oh yes, it´s so wonderful how many things you can share via net, even you are thousands of kilometers away.

And yes, I too only paint my nails in summer, in wintertime I hide them in woolen socks :)

Happy and warm (it´s SO hot again) greetings from Finland!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Nice glimpses of your home.
How cute is Mia the mouse. :)
Yes I too am a summer toenail painter, mine are red at the minute!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Mia the mouse sends you some rather shy (she´s a bit like that) kisses, Vivienne! And I am so happy that both at yours in Britain and here in Finland (notoriously horrible summers in both) we´ve had some beautiful weather to show off our pretty nails :)



thelinencat said...

Hi Mia,

Lovely to see a little around your Home, we are also all wooden floors and white but like you little hits of colour creep in.

Your toes are looking mighty fine, mine, less so right now!


PS, Mr Fox is one his way!

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Beth, cannot wait to meet Mr.F :)

I have been photographing corners of my home lately and might post some more later. Your home seems lovely, too, and I love your new floors!

Happy Tuesday!

Mia the sweaty toes ;)

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