It´s raining purses

I am one of those, who have a pouch for everything. I keep some in my handbag (one for coins, other for makeup and still one for miscellaneous) and more can be found around the house. There´s one for pens, other keeps hair clips, pins and bobbles in order and there are some in my crafting space too (for lace, gift trims).

I have been sewing these little purses because I am almost out of these tweeds, and these pretty ones do not take that much. And to be honest I made some even I would have had fabric for a bigger bag too just because these are so cute (my opinion but cannot help it).

I have said that earlier already but tweed and needle felting go greatly together. These fabrics have wool in them so they blend beautifully. I also have pretty zippers in all imagining colors so the color combinations are almost endless...

...some more subtle that others but cute all the same.

It also seems that birdies will be the stars of these little purses - and who am I to disagree?

Happy week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

From personal experience I know they're very, very cute!!! :)
Have a lovely week Mia.
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne ;)

You have a most wonderful week too and I have already sent you some sunshine this morning as we have PLENTY!


Jane said...

Hi Mia these are so lovely, your little birdies are always wonderful Guess what... I have started a blog...more of a journal of ramblings I think! I am quite new at this so have not yet got the hang of everything but do drop by and keep in touch!
Hope all is well, keep crafting!
Love Jane X

Mia said...

Hi Jane!

So wonderful news, I am already running to see your blog! It will be so much fun for you, and I will have great time reading your "ramblings"(your word!) :)

I am so happy for this!

See you there :)


Mia said...

...and I´ll be your number one fan - visited already but I couldn´t leave a comment? I´ll try again later. And oh, it looks lovely already!

Happy blogging!


Jane said...

Thanks Mia, I hope that you can comment on my new blog? It has only been set up this evening so fingers crossed that will sort out soon. If not I will see if I have set something up incorrectly! Speak soon, Jane X

Mia said...

Hi again, Jane!

I´ll try again tomorrow as it may take a while to everything be "set"?

Talk to you again tomorrow :)

Yours again,

Jane said...

It's fixed Mia so go ahead!! Off to bed now, Jx

Anne said...

These are adorable. The tweed and the birdies are a sweet combination.I have many many small pouches. My husband and son laugh at me sometimes!!


Pam said...

Those purses are so adorable. I have some lovely small pieces of tartan left over and may try to make one. Fingers crossed!
Pam x
ps not to sell obviously - just a play around for me sort of thing. If you know what I mean. I'll shut up now. P x

Mia said...

Dear Anne,

Men are like that sometimes :) And yes, some laughing here too when my current MOST IMPORTANT pouch is missing with MY LIFE inside and we turn whole house inside out just to find it sitting inside one of my (too many) handbags...

...but I just love pouches so ;)

Happy day, my friend!


Mia said...

Dear Pam,

Please do not shut up, I like you around and commenting ;)

These little pouches are quite quick to make and do not require that much of material so I am sure your tartans will probably be more than perfect to this! Happy sewing!

Many warm and sunny greetings from Finland!


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