Photoshoot in winter wonderland

You would think that once you lived in Finland, in a country with notoriously long and cold and snowy winters, there should be no problem shooting some lovely pictures from winter-ish items in mid-November. Yeah right. There is about ten minutes (well I might exaggerating a little here but not much more, I promise) of light-ish time during the day, and as there is no snow to lighten the scenery up... You got the picture and pretty it ain't. So what does one do?

She tries to fake it, naturally. And with no success, I must say. If it wasn't the not-so-natural looking star lights on those twigs that gave it away, the big bottle on top of the dresser just might.

Is the situation outside really that bad, you ask, maybe it is just a bit gloomy or...

No, bad it is.

But please do not blame the little snowmen, they did everything they could to look as cheerful as possible, even with the fake spruce I wrapped on the terrace fence.

Oh my. But once I realized the snowflakes and glimmering rays of sunshine just were not there today, it all got better. And little snowmen posed little real pros, and a picture after picture was taken. They all are in my shop here, just in case you would need a cheery little snowman to enlighten to your days. And now that I looked those twig-in-a-bottle images the little guys look so cheerful, that I am rolling some white wool here again to make some to stay with us too!

Cheerful Monday, everyone!



Jane said...

These are just the sweetest snowmen Mia and woops....one just fell into my basket over at Etsy. Matt adores snowman and this will be a perfect little decoration for him to hang at the festive season. I'm glad your snow is holding off a little but how inconsiderate not to be around for a quick photo shoot! Have a lovely week my dear xx

ANNE said...

Snow or no snow, these are adorable. Great job, Mia. They are so cheery on a Monday morning!!

Happy Monday,
Anne D.T.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well what can I say, that snow is not to be trusted!! It comes when it's not wanted and the minute you need it, it's not there!!!!
I do love those sweet little snowmen though! :)
Happy new week my friend,
V x

Gillian said...

The little snowmen are lovely. And very cheerful.

Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

Thank you! I wish the little snowman will bring many smiles at yours :)

I am also happy the snow has been coming and going but when you need it... Typical!

Wishing you a hppy week with a big B-day tomorrow!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you! Happy to hear that little snowmen are liked!

Wishing you lovely November days!


P.S. Any great finds from IKEA??

Mia said...

Dear Vivienne,

I know, I know, and I am not really missing it but once it would be handy for background... You know :)

Wishing you happy November days and definitely sans snow!!


Mia said...

Hello Gillian,

Happy to hear that my little snowmen make you smile - that is a mission happily accomplished!

Wishing you happy week!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

I love 'em Mia! I got one!!!!!!

Mia said...

Hello sweet Robin,

Thank you! The little snowman will start its journey to you tomorrow come rain or snow :) and I wish he will make you smile wide!

Have a wonderful day, many greetings from here!


Lyn said...

These snowmen are so beautiful! And have cheeky smiles!
No snow here yet....thankfully! Xxx

Mia said...

Hello Lyn,

Thank you! And snow is not dearly missed here either ;) would have just had that wow-effect today!

Happy week!


Megumi said...

Hi Mia! Oh they are so sweet. And outside look very mild.
It has been mild here too but the cold weather is coming - tomorrow morning we will have the first freezing morning.
Hope your weather will be good!!

Mia said...

Hello Megumi,

Thank you! It is very mild, gray&rainy here, but the end of the week it has said to start getting colder (and maybe snowier too!), Winter is not that great, but snow makes it a bit lighter at least, the all-gray...You know!?

Have a wonderful November!


Helen Philipps said...

Your little snowmen are so cute, and you took some lovely pictures of them even without the snow! I hope you have some nice bright days next time though!
Happy week, dear Mia.
Helen xox

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Thank you for your lovely comment! It is getting colder here, and maybe we will see real snowmen outside soon too! I wish your November days are bright and beautiful!


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