December 10th

Hello friends!

Today I am showing you a little craft I made this morning! I took a basket weaving class at Meadow-upon-River spinning mill last summer, and made a pretty dusky pink basket. It has a plastic bowl inside, so it is perfect for all kind of grocery shopping, here I have some Barney's special frosty lingonberries in it:

I have used that basket a lot, and just remembered, that I bought two skeins of that pretty pink willow from the class, I had completely forgotten all about them! So this morning I put some logs in the fireplace, and took out those skeins. I took my time studying my little basket, remembering all the teacher's tips...

...and then I bravely took out my project - a big white plastic planter I bought for flowers outside.

And I started weaving... from the bottom just like our teacher told us:

Weaving, weaving, weaving! I am on my second skein already, will there be enough...?

Some more weaving still... Yippee! My basket was done with some willow still left!

And then some happy planting, some of those Barney's lovely berries and some pretty green:

and a lovely outdoor decoration is ready:

And just as I hoped: the birds are back this year again, they love Barney's berries!

Luckily I have plenty, so eat as much as you like, little friends! 



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh you are a clever lady Anna, your little basket is beautiful! It seems you're just like the rest of us crafters putting supplies away and then forgetting about them!!! ;) They are always useful in the end as you have proved!
I love how you arranged your little pot and how lovely to have those beautiful birds visit.
See you tomorrow,
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Thank you! I was not sure if I still remembered how to weave, but as soon as I got started, it was super-fun and not that difficult! I was hoping those birdies might come this year too, I had some seeds and nuts for them last year, I will put them up for them later too.

Have a wonderful day, see you soon again!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Good Morning dear Anna, You are so busy in Riverland and so talented with all your crafts. Weaving beautiful baskets now and turning them into planters, so clever you are! The berries are lovely from Barney and I don't blame the birdies for hurrying over for a treat! Such pretty birds too!
Hope the rest of your day is lovely and you get to rest a little too. Merry Christmas to Riverland!
xoxoRobin and Alma

Mia said...

Hello Robin&Alma,

It was fun to try weaving after a while, and I am pretty happy with the result too, and the birdies seem to love it (AND Barney's berries!) also! Our days here are pretty busy, but all these Christmas-crafts are so great, that time just flies while making them!

Wishing you both happily busy days!


Teje said...

Hello dear Anna and thank you for this great tutorial! I love your basket and will try to make one too. So glad to see that the little birds came to visit and eat some berries! I wish you love day! I had today Finnish friends for coffee and it was really nice! x Teje

Anne Toprak said...

Hello Anna, You are going to have the prettiest house in Riverland (if you don't already). Love your little basket, berries and birdies.
This week is going by quickly....happy crafting, dear Anna and tell Mia "happy crafting, decorating" too.

xxx Anne and all

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It was such fun weawing that basket, and that plastic inside I can happily water plants too! And those birdies, much awaited already, happy to see them back! Happy to hear you had lovely day too!

See you soon!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you! I love my house, and in the summertime it is just precious with all those roses... And now that I have the snowman&pretty new basket, it's looking quite festive.

Happy crafting and getting ready for the Holidays, Mia sends hello too!



Anonymous said...

Hei Anna! Voi kuinka kauniin korin teitkään! Ja talveenhan kuuluvat tietenkin ihanat punatulkut, olin ihan unohtanut, siitä onkin vierähtänyt jo useampi vuosi kun olen niitä nähnyt lumisessa maisemassa. Kyllä linnuillekin varmaan maistuu pakkaspuolukat kun ovat vielä niin kauniissa korissa! Onko teillä siellä Riverlandissa sama kalenteri kuin muualla, meinaan kun eilen oli Annan päivä, eli jos oli niin myöhästyneet nimipäiväonnittelut! Ja taas jos teillä siellä ei ollut Annan päivä niin onnittelut kuitenkin kun olet niin taitava käsistäsi! Hyvää illanjatkoa ja Mialle terveisiä!

Mia said...

Hei taas Anneli!

Mukava kun sain näyttää sinulle talviset punatulkut, Mia tuolta huutelee ettei niitä heilläkään usein näy! Täällä ne ilmestyvät aina talvella maistelemassa mitä ikinä onkin tarjolla. Riverlandissa kalenteri on muuten sama kuin muualla, mutta nimipäivät siitä puuttuvat! Aion tehdä tähän nyt muutoksen, ja juomme myöhästyneet Annan-päivän kahvit huomenna! Kiitos kun muistutit asiasta!

Ihanaa iltaa sinne, nähdään taas pian!


Jane said...

Hello Anna I have caught up with your wonderful posts...basket making now...how talented you are and so busy. How lovely to be visited from the sweet birds. See you tomorrow xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

So happy to see you here again! Thank you for your lovely words, I am happy to share these little things from Riverland with you - we love Christmas here almost as much as you :)

Many greetings to your tree-inspector Billy, Mia especially sends him a big kiss!

See you soon!


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