December 11th

Good morning, all, and happy 11th! It's me, Bernard here today! Anna was busy running this and that here and there (her own words), so I took over today, and wanted to show you my special project for this Christmas! I am here at Riverland Postmen's craft room (oh yes, we have one, it is so handy!), and on the table you can see my secret project:

Not guessing yet? Alright, let me show you! First we need a bit of metal wire and a pretty little pearl...

Tight it is! And then a bigger wooden bead, through the wire, secure the end, and a bauble is done!

Yes, I am making Christmas baubles! And personalized to all my friends! Like these pink ones, they need just a drop of red...

And they are perfect for Anna! I put them to dry, and start...

...Adele's! She loves all thinks shiny and sparkly so cream and gold it is for her!

And these little red ones are perfect for Bibi!

But now I am painting for a while, and then I will show you all the sets at once, alright? Have a cup of tea and some cookies while waiting, please!

Painting, painting, painting...  Sets for Anna, Adele, Bibi and Brita done!

I still need to make some for Anabel and Barney and... This is fun!

Happy Friday!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe how lovely to have you in charge this morning Bernard, you are a pig of many talents!
What a lovely thing to do for your friends, you are clever, they look so pretty, everyone is going to love them.
How great is it to have somewhere to craft at your work, I think all places should have that!!
Please say hello to Anna, it sounds like she's a very busy little mouse and wish everyone in Riverland a happy weekend and if you bump into Mia, wish her one too. :)
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Thank you! I am going to surprise all my friends with these baubles, I think that they think my claws are for running post only :) And this craft room is so handy, I can leave here straight after work to make my secret presents!

Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you here in Riverland soon again! Both Anna&Mia send you warm wishes too!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Bernard you are so kind to remember all your friends in Riverland! The baubles are a perfect gift this time of year. And you make them look so fun to make and give. I love the pink with red dots but really they are all so festive. Happy Friday and weekend to all of you in Riverland. AND a BIG hello to MIA too. xoxoRobin

Jane said...

How amazing Bernard that you have a craft room at work... I think everyone should have one. You have been so busy and your baubles are brilliant, time to clean up that red paint now I think! Enjoy the weekend and send a hug to Mia xx

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you! Those baubles were fun to make, and I also wrapped them into cellophane&pretty ribbon, all ready for giving! I think I will give them a little before Christmas, so they can be hand up to tree fid the big day.

Happy weekend, Mia sends HI!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I know, that is handy! I have used it a lot, and I also have my own locker there so I can leave my stuff there and continue next time!

Happy weekend to you too, and yes... Mia helped me to get my snout all clean&pink again :)


chromatobalomata said...

Hei Bernard! Ja taas aivan ihka ihania koristeita! Kyllä teillä siellä Riverlandissa luovuus kukoistaaa! Mekin haluaisimme niin kovasti muuttaa sinne, mutta taidetaan olla liian " isoja ".... Tuo maalaaminen näyttää helpolta, mutta on se varmaan kuitenkin aika tarkkaa puuhastelua, ja upeasti suoriuduit kyllä puuhastelusta, vaikka väriä vähän tassulle ja poskelle on lennähtänytkin! Oli todella kiva kuulla sinunkin päivästäsi, siitä suuri kiitos sinulle ja Mialle! Hei vaan ja kuulumisiin! x Anneli

Teje said...

Hei Bernard! Nyt annan minakin periks (kuten Anneli) ja vaihdan suomeksi. Voitaispa olla siella Riverlandissa tekemassa yhdessa joulukoristeita! Kiitos kahvikestityksesta! Tosi hauska idea maalata pallo koristeita ja kiva kun naytit kuinka voidaan tehda mekin. Teilla on kylla siella Riverlandissa niin huippu juttuja etten oikein edes tieda mita sanoa! Eipa muuta kun odotellaan innolla mita siella tapahtuu huomenissa. Terveisia kaikille! x Teje

Mia said...

Hei Anneli!

Olisi ihanaa, jos te kaikki voisitte tulla käymään täällä meillä! Ja pallojen maalaaminen oli mahtavan mukavaa, vähän lopussa innostuin ja kärsäänkin vähän tupsahti - Mia auttoi putsaushommissa :)

Iloista viikonloppua sinne teille, nähdään taas pian!


Mia said...

Hei Teje!

Suomeksi onkin mahtava jutella, osuu kaikki sanat kerrasta oikein, piti minunkin oikein muistella aiemmin, että mikäs se sorkka oli englanniksi :) vaikka minulle läheinen asia onkin!

Täällä rakastetaan joulua, ja kaikkia siihen liittyviä askarteluja ja puuhia. Annakin oli taas väkertänyt ihanuuksia eilen, kohta näette!

Aurinkoista viikonloppua!


Anne Toprak said...

Hello Bernard, You are very talented and I know your friends will like those ornaments. I was looking at my special ornaments this week.

Please tell Mia this lovely Calendar is so fun and cheerful, when it is very gray and no snow here in my new city!!!

Happy creating and mail delivering....

Anne D.T. xxx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you! I wish my friends will like those baubles, I for sure had great time making them!

Mia sends you warm wishes, and wishes you happy decorating!

See you soon again!


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