December 9th

Happy 9th, everyone!

Today I will introduce to someone, who originally is not from Riverland, but these days belongs here like she would have been born here. She moved to Riverland last summer when she was chosen as intern to Barney's Bakery. She wishes to learn everything possible from baking and candy-making, and maybe someday have her own bakery and MMB (Mouse Master Baker) after her name. She loves it at Barney's and they get along perfectly, and just ordered matching working clothes for the holidays, here are Barney and my niece Bibi:

With the internship Bibi also got a tiny flat above Barney's Bakery. I promised her mother (my sister Amy) that I will keep an eye on Bibi, and also see that her home will have everything needed. And did we have fun decorating! We read tons of Country Mouse&Interiors and Mouse Living-magazines (I have been a subscriber for a long time)...

...and finally got it all together in that tiny, tiny place! Bibi loves red&white, and we decided to go for that combination, always fresh and easy to accessorize with little more other color, like green. Here is her bedroom, you can see a picture of his brother Bart there and also Bibi's beloved teddy Albin, and there is the beautiful red dress Bibi wore at Anabel's party:

- But Auntie Anna, the new lamp is not there yet!
- Oh my, just a minute, dear...

- Here we go now, all set!

- Lovely!
- I love it too, Auntie Anna, thank you so much, but we really need to get started with these Christmas-cards, this is my day off and I need to get done a lot of stuff!
- Where's Barney then?
- He is at Baker's convention in River-upon-Meadow, he will be back later this afternoon with all new Holiday baking recipes, can't wait!
- Alright, great, I just hang your mailbox and put up this last decoration to your door and we are all done!

Happy day to you all, see you tomorrow!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe how lovely for Bibi to have you to keep an eye on her Anna, I'm sure that is such a relief for her mother!
You've done an amazing job helping her to decorate her little flat, it is looking lovely. :)
I hope she does really in her career and to get her MMB would be wonderful but I'm sure she'll do brilliantly!
See you tomorrow,
V xxx
P.S. I think Mia is the next Beatrix Potter, I know I would buy her books!!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Anna so much going on in Riverland, i can hardly keep it all straight! Love Bibi and little Albin teddy. You have done an amazing job with all the decorating and watching Bibi. Barney seem nice and ready to bake. Can't wait to see what's next in Riverland. Maybe Alma could visit someday, her stocking is up and her Santa letter has been sent : )

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

It has been great to have Bibi around, I miss my sister and her family, but they live a little far away to us to meet that often. So doing this&that with Bibi has been wonderful. She also is doing great at Barney's, I am sure there will be Bibi's Bakery one day!

Happy days to you, see you soon again!


P.S. Mia blushed and said thank you. She would LOVE to make books, and she is so happy to hear that she would have one buyer ready! You are the sweetest!

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

We have been quite busy here lately, but it has been all fun&lovely! I love having Bibi around, and to see her growing and making it her succesfully at Barney's is just priceless! And I think I will have her and my sister here for Christmas too, paws crossed!

Lovely to see you here, we will see again soon!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Anna and everyone in Riverland! I do hope I can visit that place one day! You have decorated the most beautiful room for Bibi! I would love to read those magazines! Good night and see you tomorrow! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you, Bibi really loves her room, and it was so fun to put together! And oh, it would ve so great to have you visiting us, maybe on Holidays?

Happy day, see you soon again!


Anne Toprak said...

Hello again Anna~~~~Hello Miss Bibi!! How do you like Riverland?? Good luck with all your baking and thanks for showing your magazines.
love all of the red and white decorations!! I think that's a popular combination this winter!! 0-:

See you soon..... xxx
Anne D.T.

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

It's Bibi here: I love Riverland, especially in winter&near Holidays it is magical! And everyone is so kind there, I really feel like home! And yes, red&white-look seems to be quite popular, Mia is building her Christmas over that theme too :)

Happy Friday&weekend soon!


Jane said...

What a beautiful little flat you have got together here......it's looking very festive x

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Bibi sends you a big thank you! She loves her flat, and loves it at Barney's too. Happy countodown days to you, we will see soon again!


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