December 12th

Hello Friends!

I'm back! Bernard did great yesterday, and I think he will make an another appearance soon too. But before that, I want to show you what I was up to yesterday. I have told you about Anabel's skills for rug-making, but she is crafty many other ways too. Yesterday she was running one-day workshop for beautiful felt decoration-making:

She showed us these beautiful felt hearts, and told us how to they were made, it all seemed  quite easy...

Then we were given our own felt-pieces and scissors, and I started cutting long, thin strips from white and red...

...and started putting it all together! Anabel was busy helping others with their cutting so it was just me and those strips, and they just did not behave no matter how much I tried!

After a while I gave up that hearts-shape, my strips simply would not turn that way, and decided to go for something simpler. Luckily Anabel came to see how I was doing just then!

- What lovely start for a pot holder, Anna! Let's complete it together, and then I will show you those hearts again!

And in no time we made a pretty little pot holder!

And then Anabel showed me the heart shaped decoration again, and oh... It was all heart-shaped from the start! I had been too keen with my happy scissors, those strips simply were not right for this project! So cut, cut, cut I did again...

And with right shaped pieces...

My pretty hear was just as pretty as Anabel's!

And soon I had made an another too. And I followed Anabel's advise and attached a string loop...

... so these can be put up a tree! Anabel had one in her studio, and look how pretty they are:

Thank you so much, Anabel! I am so making more of these now, but first a happy pupil&teacher-selfie, and please take a look Anabel's bow, what a clever way to use the scarf I made her for her birthday!:

Happy Saturday, everyone!



Jane said...

What a wonderful class Anabel taught and wow Anna what lovely decorations you have made. Happy Saturday to you both...we are just waiting for Daisy and her Mummy and Daddy to arrive...happy days. Say hi to dear Mia xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

It was lovely, and I end up making six (!!!) of those lovely hearts! Happy Saturday to you, lovely evening with Daisy&family. Mia sends HI! She is just off to a Christmas Concert, I think I will stay home near fireplace and read a little.

See you tomorrow!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, this is the cutest selfie I have seen! So happy to see you had fun in Anabel's class! Your decorations became very beautiful and you inspired me to try that, too. I wish you lovely evening near the fireplace and your book. In fact I think I shall also take my book and have a relaxing evening. Until tomorrow then! Give my warmest wishes to Mia! x Teje

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Anna you did an amazing job on your potholder and the hearts. Annabel is a great teacher and friend! Love the head bandana, very clever scarf idea! Happy weekend to you both and Mia too! xoxoxoxoxoRobin

greenrabbitdesigns said...

First of all Anna, I have to say how amazing Anabel looks in her scarf, what a clever idea, so trendy! :)
What a brilliant craft workshop , the little hearts are so sweet and look so nice on the Christmas tree. Workshops are great fun, I'm sure you had a wonderful time.
Until tomorrow Anna, have a lovely evening,
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you! I had a wonderful time at that class, and I ended up making quite a few of those hearts. And rest of the evening was so peaceful... Today has bern quite the opposite, I will tell about it soon!

Happy Sunday!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thanks, after a rocky start I ended up making quite pretty things :) and Anabel really is the best teacher!

Wishing you lovely weekend too, see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Anabel sent you her thankd, she loves tgat scarf as it is quite versatile! And workshop was great, it is always great yo learn new skills - and if it's Christmas-related, even better!

Happy weekend to you, we will see soon again!


Anonymous said...

Hei Anna! Tiedätkö että pari viikkoa aikaisemmin kokeilin samanlaista sydäntä punaisella ja valkoisella kankaalla! Joka joulu teemme lasten kanssa joulukuusenkoristeita ja muistin kun olin koulussa, taisi olla ala-asteella ja teimme silloin papereista noita sydämiä ja taisimme tehdä samalla tekniikalla paperisia sydänkoreja! Siitä on niin kauan aikaa, etten oikein muista, mutta kun näin sydämesi aloin nostalgoimaan suomalaista joulua! Jännittävää odotella ja katsella mitä kaikkea muuta kivaa sinulla on meille näyttää ja kertoa näinä kiireisinä joulunaluspäivinä!Terv. Anneli

Mia said...

Hei Anneli!

Samaa Miakin sanoi, muisti juuri nuo korit jo jostain seitsemänkymmentäluvulta kuulemma :) Minäkin tein yhden "korin" eli kassin itselleni tuolla tekniikalla, ja se oli minulla mukana tänään joulumessuilla, josta etsin tietoa&aineksia todelliseen klassikkoon, himmeliin! Siitäkin Mia on kertonut, heillä oli sellainen kotona kun hän oli pieni. Saa nähdä kuinka hiirulaisen himmelin käy :)

Ihanaa sunnuntaita sinne!


Anne Toprak said...

Dear Anna, My Danish aunt and I used to make those hearts too (from paper). Happy you are learning how to make them, not always so easy at first.

Hope it's been a good weekend for you all in Riverland.
It is colder here. A scarf is a very good idea.

Anne and all xxx (Hei to Mia) 0-:

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

I think (and Mia too) that those hearts are something quite scandinavian, and I am so happy that I can now make them (even it wasn't too easy at first!). Tonight I am reading about himmeli, straw-mobiles, which are quite traditional in Finland too, I would like to make them traditional here in Riverland also.

Have a lovely Sunday, we will see soon again!


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