December 13th

Happy December thirteen, everyone!

Today has been such a special day, I was up really early this morning! I finished my new seasonal-bag just in time, and was all set...

...to a Christmas fair with Mia! It was my first time, and I had a list ready for my shopping, and I studied it while I waited Mia, she was running a bit late. I wished to find a new tea set (a pot and some pretty cups) and also some stuff to make a himmeli. 

Himmeli? You might ask, and that is just what I thought when Mia first told me about them. They are (this is from dictionary): "mobile decoration made of straw or other similar material" and even they are pretty old tradition in Finland, and quite fashionable today too, here in Riverland we have not seen any, ever, and I definitely wish to make one for this Christmas. Mia had one in her home when she was child, and it sounds lovely. This fair might be the right place for that stuff. But wait a minute, now our ride is here... we are on our way!

Wow, that was quick!

Oh my, it was a really big building full of people! I felt quite small, and needed to go to Mia's pocket to see it all safely from there...

And wow, were there some things to see, feel and also try. I was offered a sample of strawberry juice...

... and some cinnamon buns, which were should I say not mouse sized...

... and we went to find me something little more mous-y, and we found this wonderful raspberry pastry:

But how about my list? My tea set? They were all out of stock, I was told that quite a few little shoppers were there yesterday (I know, we should have come then but Mia had quite a busy day), and all sets were sold. I got a few tips where to ask, though, so I will continue my search. And how about himmeli? Da-tah:

I got my straws, and Mia got me a book with some great instructions too:

I think I am off to bed early to study my book. But before I go:

Happy Third Advent Sunday!


P.S. That wonderful pastry was baked by Kirsin Minit and sold us by Tarja Ahola. Thank you ladies!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely day out Anna, mind you that was rather a large pastry for a little mouse, so glad you managed to find one more mouse size!!
I have never heard of himmeli, I do hope to see yours when you get it made.
Happy third Sunday in Advent!!
V xxx
P.S. Good luck with you tea set!

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

We had lovely day, even it was a bit big for me at the times. That pastry was simply fantastic, and I must confess I bought something else too to enjoy home :) Himmeli is a new thing for me too, but Mia says they are quite traditional here in Finland so I wish to give it a go. Who knows maybe I can run himmeli-workhops here later?

Happy Sunday, see you soon again!


Anne Toprak said...

Hello Anna, You look so cute in Mia's pocket. WIsh I could vist a Christmas fair/market, too.
Your little heart pouch is lovely.

All best wishes for Himmeli making..... Maybe there will be a workshop in RIverland soon.
From grey but Christmasy America,
Anne D.T. xxx
PS happy 3rd Advent Sunday!!

zooperson said...

What a cutie you are, Anna! Your story is so much fun, I look forward to the news from your little community. Read up on that straw Christmas figure because I want to see what it is. Keep looking for that tea set cuz you really need to have one.

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you, I enjoyed my day, but it was a bit big for a tiny mouse like me at times... and that pocket was a safe solution! I have now started reading my himmeli-book, and it seems that they are pretty tricky to make... but I will start with a small one, and we will see then!

Happy Sunday, see you tomorrow again!


Mia said...

Hello Sonja,

Thank you for the lovely comment! I will keep telling my stories all the way until 25th - and I think I will stay in Riverland for a while now! I am happy I can spread word of Himmeli, it is sort of traditional thing (Mia says), and a great new thing to add to Riverland Christmas! Tricky to make, I read, but I will accept the challenge :)

Happy Sunday!


P.S. Mia says she knows some www.places where I could look for the tea set, I will borrow her tablet later this evening!

Jane said...

Aww Anna I smiled so wide when I saw you in Mia's pocket. What a big adventure you had. I'm sorry Mia missed out on the tea set but I am glad that you are going to have a go at yet another new crafty skill.
Happy Sunday to you both xx

Teje said...

Dear Anna, you did have a special day! I wish I could have joined you to see visit the fair. You are very little and I'm happy you found small pastry ... I thought you are a little bit bigger (?). Making himmeli is a perfect idea! They are very unique. Once I tried to make and it was difficult. But I'm sure you can make it because you have that great book. Good night and see you tomorrow! x Teje

Anonymous said...

Hei taas Anna! Oi kun sinulla oli ihana päivä tänään! Odotan innolla himmelisi kokoamistasi, eikös se nyt niin ollut että se on oljesta tehty, kun en ole aivan varma:)En ole koskaan edes yrittänyt tehdä, täytyisi varmaan tilata ensin sellainen tarvikepakkaus. Odotan kuitenkin nyt sinun kommenttejasi ensin valmistusprojektista ja katson sitten uskaltaudunko siihen hommaan. Vaikka tietenkin se että sinä sen teet ei tarkoita että minä siinä onnistun, päinvastoin luulen että minulla on peukalo keskellä kämmentä kun katson sinun ja teidän kaikkien ihania luomuksia!! Kauniita unia ja huomenna taas iloisina uuteen viikkoon! x Anneli

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

We had a fun day even we did not find all we had in our lists. But we still got many great things,and a day with friends is always a wonderful day!

Wishing you happy countdowning!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I wish we all could have met at the fair! And those pastries... so good! And I am quite tiny, but in Riverland just the right size ;) but at the fair Mia's pocket eas sometimes a must. I read my himmeli-book ladt night and they are so pretty, I will try to make one soon, difficult or not :) Wish me luck!

See you doon!


Mia said...

Hei Anneli!

Luin eilen illalla himmeli-kirjani, ja ne ovat ihania, mutta aika hankalia tehdä. Aion silti koettaa, sillä sellainen olisi ihana jouluna (ja muuloinkin!). Petinteisesti ne on tehty oljesta, mutta mykyisin myös mehupilleistä, ja olisiko jossain ollut lasi-himmeli -pakkauksia myynnissä sanoi Mia. Minulla on siis ihan perinteinen malli tulollaan :)

Ihanaa uutta viikkoa, nähdään taas pian!


Megumi said...

The fair sounds like fun and the raspberry square is very pretty. I bet it was very yummy too. Is strawberry juice common in Finland? Sounds really good but I have never seen where I live!

Mia said...

Hello Megumi,

Lovely to see you visiting us here in Riverland! That pastry was so do yummy, and strawberry juice too! We ended up getting some bottles of it, we love it here. And it is really common in Finland, and some small farms produce the very best ones. It is really good, like summer in your mouth!

Happy day to you, see you soon here again!


Marle said...

Ihana cheesecake!

Mia said...

Hei Marle!

Kiitos! En melkein malta odottaa sunnuntaihin, kun on neljäs adventti, ja sen jälkeen saa alkaa maistella kakkua... :)

Mukavaa viikonloppua!


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