December 14th

Hello again!

This morning I simply could not wait to get to my himmeli-making! I read the instruction book last night, and it seemed a bit tricky, so I called Adele, and asked her to help me. She was all happy to help even she had never heard of himmeli before. We started her reading me the instructions, and I was sporting the linen thread and long needle.

- First attach two straws together, the corners a and b, twist the thread twice in the corner, add the third straw and...
- Wait, wait! What? Where? Which corner?

- Oh, let's start from the beginning, alright? I take it a bit slower. So attach first... Oh my, how about you read the instructions, and I'd try to get the pieces together? We work great like that?
- Well...
- Look at me!

- Adele! Did you just himmeli-walrus-teeth me?
- Got you smiling! And you walrus-carrot-sticked me just last week so now we are even!
- Alright, let's try again! I read you the instructions this time, let me see... Attach first two straws...

...grunting, puffing, straw creaking...

- Look! I think we are on a right track!

- Looks great! Let's move on! Attach the bottom corners and...
- Like this?

- Yes, just like that! Let me help you with the last...
- WOW!

- We did it! We have one pretty himmeli piece done! 
- I know, that is amazing! How about we did an another one, a tad smaller?
- How...? Oh, with scissors!

- Yes, I thought if we cut the straws half, could we get half smaller piece? Let's see, please read the instructions for me again!
- Okay, first two straws...

...much less grunting, just some puffing...

- Look!

- That is lovely! How about we put those two together?
- Oh!!!

- Lets take a look at that outside too!

 - L-O-V-E it! How many do you think we would need to decorate the Riverland festivity hall with these?
- Five? Six?
- Uh, let's have some tea and cookies first, we deserve it.
- Definitely!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

HaHaHa, what a carry on!! :) Looks like you two girls had quite a bit of fun making your himmeli decoration, you certainly made me laugh Anna when I saw you under the pile of straw! :)
What a great job you did in the end, it looks wonderful, well done to you both!
It sounds like you're going to busy though with so many more to make..good luck, you're going to need a lot of tea and cookies by the sound of it.
Happy Monday,
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Phew, it was hard work, but we managed to get three more done and decided that four is definitely the RIGHT number of decoration we need! But great thing is that I now know how to make these too, an another craft under my belt (even it did not look too great at the beginning!).

Have a lovely week, and we will see here soon again! I am now off to see your lovely bunnies&fox, I saw them in Mia's Insta a lityle while ago!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Well done girls! Hard and difficult project but you surely had fun making this super cute himmeli together! Anna dear, you are so fun! How you ended up under all those straws?! Enjoy your well deserved tea&coocie time! See you soon! x Teje

Jane said...

Well done girls that is beautiful but looked like hard work. You do make me smile with all your antics. Happy Monday xx

Anonymous said...

Hei, teillä on tainnut olla aika rankka päivä tänään! Voi miten ne himmelinosat meni nenänkin alle! Kuvia katsellessani minua nauratti, ei siksi että olisin vahingoniloinen, ei suinkaan, vaan olette kaikki yksinkertaisesti niiiiin ihania!!!Yritän olla ajattelematta mitä sitten joulukuun 25 päivän jälkeen, on niin hauska lukea juttujanne....Huomiseen! x Anneli

Megumi said...

Oh, aren't you girl's funny.....but GOOD JOB!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

A&A you two had me in stitches!!!!! What a fun pair you are BUT you work so well together and look what you accomplished! Beautiful Himmelis, love them but not sure what they are? But they are lovely! Decorations for inside and outside?
Riverland will be festive for sure after your tea and cookies.

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you! We had fun even it was hard at the beginning :) and those straws were just suddenly all over me when I tried to attach corner a and b and... oh my!

Wishing you lovely December days, see you here soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you! We seem to get all different projects these days, but as long as it is fun and we end up giggling... it is great, and with friends the best!

Happy countdowning to you, only a few days to go...


Mia said...

Hei Anneli,

Kiitos! Meillä oli huippuhauskaa vaikka alku olikin vähän hankala! Ja Adele ehti tehdä oljista mursu-hampaatkin :) mutta saimme kuitenkin useamman "minihimmelin" tehtyä meidän joulusalimme koristeeksi!

Ihanaa että viihdyt kanssamme! Ja toivotaan, että jatkamme seikkalujamme joulun jälkeenkin, ehkäpä vähän vähemmän tiiviillä tahdilla mutta...? ;)

Mukavaa joulunalusaikaa sinne!


Mia said...

Hello Megumi,

Thank you! We had fun but huh, it was hard too! Adele was likd a pro, she got first one done just like that!

Wishing you happy week,see you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you! We are the best team, Adele&me! And himmeli is a decoration that will be hang from the ceiling, and they twirl beautifully in the air. They are traditional in Finland (and for now on in Riverland too!), and they were put up around Christmas to be sure that crop for next year would be good! I think I will take one to River-upon-Meadow mill too, so they will have the best wool for next year!!!

Have a lovely day, we will talk soon again!


almut said...

Oh I love this. I'll keep reading! And this one's my favorite so far. I'm rooting for all Riverlanders! :-))

Mia said...

Hello Almut!

I am so happy to have you visiting! We had blast making himmeli (do you have them in Germany by the way?), and today I showed you my Christmas card photo shoot session!

Lovely December days to you, see you soon again!


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