December 19th

Hello again, I must continue straight from yesterday, we are all so very excited here!

- Please Anna, read the card!
- Alright, here goes:

" Dear Anna,

I wish you Merry Christmas! I know in Riverland it can be chilly in winter, so I made you a warm quilt. You are a dancing star so I made star and flowers because you love them. I hope the size is good. Perhaps one day I can visit your rose garden.


- Is there any other clues, Anna?
- Oh yes, there is her picture! She has not changed a bit! I can't believe she still remembers me!

- Anna you got to tell us the whole story!
- But let's open... I mean, please open your parcel first!
- Ooooh...

- It is so very pretty, let's unfold it some more...

- This must be the most wonderful quilt I've ever seen!
- Hey, how about we got some pillows, and we could all snuggle under that beauty, and Anna could tell us all about Peggy?
- Yes!

- Oh, this is the best!

- Now, Anna, tell us your story!
- Okay, here it goes...

- Do you mean the round Bougainvillea Cottage?
- The very same! When I was just a little mouse, quite a long time ago, in that cottage lived lovely family called Pig, and they had a little pig called Peggy. She was my very best friend, we used to ride our bikes together, and climb the trees... We had such lovely time together!

- Then what happened?
- Mr and Mrs Pig run their own travel agency, and they wished to see some of those beautiful places they sold journeys to. They moved to Australia first, and then to Hong Kong, and I think I got some cards and letter from Peggy from Indonesia too? But after some time it just... We lost touch.

- I think Mia said something a while ago... Her friend Teje, who also lives in a summery Island of Greece had someone visiting her, someone who was really interested about Riverland and they had read our stories together... I wonder if that was Peggy! Teje loves to sew, and her quilts are the most beautiful, they could have been sewing together! Maybe they planned this surprise for me together?

- I really must write to both of them very soon, and Mia can ask Teje and.. I mean Peggy's address in to Summer Island, that can't be a coincidence, or what do you think, friends?
- Friends? Are you all sleeping?


P.S. Mia wanted to add some really big special thanks to Teje! Her quilting skills made this night so special to all of us in Riverland, and I think we will make this a Christmas tradition here, a nigh under Peggy's quilt! Please go and say hi! to Teje in her summer-land, you will love it there! Thank you!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, how could I have forgot you! We had so much fun when we lived near to each other. I'm so happy to see you received the parcel and the quilt I made for you! I thought perhaps it reminds you of sunny summer days and you could have a pic nic with your friends on this quilt. Your idea for a Christmas tradition to gather your friends under the quilt is perfect! I shall spend Christmas here with Teje and Nero so I can read your stories every day. I'm really happy that we got in touch again and perhaps we meet one day! Kisses from Peggy

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a wonderful story Anna and how lovely that you have made contact again with Peggy and in the best possible way with a gorgeous quilt! Not only is the quilt so pretty but it's obviously extremely cosy and comfortable too, if your friends are anything to go by! :)
I'm so happy you have found your long lost friend!
V xxx

Jane said...

Everyone looks so cozy under Teje's quilt,what a wonderful gift. I am so glad you have found Peggy again...Pig families are very very special.Happy Saturday Anna and Mia xx

Anne Toprak said...

How fun to see your special package, Anna. Beautiful and warm quilt from Miss Peggy. It will remind you of summer and warm days.....

Happy Saturday evening from very chilly America and again, have fun with your friends,
Anne xxx
PlumCreek22 Studio

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh Anna, this is the sweetest story and a dream come true to reunited with a dear friend Peggy Piggy. What a special quilt and more friends to share it with. Your holidays are off to a wonderful start! Tell Mia, that she is so lucky to have Teje too as a dear friend and a talented one at that!!!

Mia said...

Hello Peggy,

Wonderful to hear from you after all these years! How wonderful that you ended up with Teje&Nero, world is small after all!! Thank you so so so much for the quilt still once, I - and we all here - love it!

Write to you soon!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

It was a wonderful gift, not only the quilt which we all love, but also finding Peggy again! I will write her soon, who knows if we even met one day! And that quilt... the best ever new Christmas tradition to have a sleepover under!

Wishing you the most wonderful 4th Advent Sunday!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Oh yes, that quilt is wonderful! And I thought you especially would love to hear about my long lost friend - pigs have a special place in your heart!

Happy last days before Holidays, enjoy!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Oh, it was wonderful to get that quilt and to find my old friend again! I wish we could meet again soon!

It is snowing again here in Riverland, I send you some big, beautiful flakes...Wishing you a white Christmas! See you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

It was so wonderful! And this December with all these happy things we've done together, has really made us more and more closer friends! Riverland is one happy place to live!

Wishing you fantastic 4th Advent, we'll see soon again!


Marle said...

What a lovely quilt you have got from the sunny islad! It´s great that you found each others again with Peggy. It´s nice that Teje takes care of Peggy.

Mia said...

Hello Marle,

My thoughts exactly! I am loving the quilt even more because it was made by my friend! And Teje is the best!

Happy 4th Advent, see you soon again!


Anonymous said...

This little tale of renewed/rekindled friendship has brought many smiles to me, here in the Southeast little corner of Minnesota, USA! You all look so comfy cozy and ready for any chilliness that may come your way! I will continue to follow, through friend Teje. Hugs and blessings................Doreen

Mia said...

Hello Doreen,

Lovely, lovely, lovely to hear that this little story made you smile! It has made all of us very happy too!

Wishing you the most wonderful Holidays soon!


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