December 20th

Hello dear Friends!

It is the 20th already, and the fourth Advent, can you believe it? I have traditionally cleaned the house today, gotten my Christmas curtains and table runners out, and also picked up my tree. So busy day! And it also snowed quite a lot last night, so I needed to get my home path sorted first...

... and then all my bedlinen and rugs outside too, to get all fresh and clean!

All left outside for a good ventilation, and a good roll over in snow before taking them back in, I went inside and started cleaning. Some dusting, some little organizing here and there...

And after a good clean, it was time to put all the Christmas things into place, starting with my pretty curtains...

...and then a matching table runner, and my new red rug!

And I have also opened my calendar every day, but have been so busy that I haven't found the time to show it to you! I have had a pretty bow, bauble, a happy little bunny, Christmas bell, a Santa hat, pretty birdie, little mouse just like me, an angel, a heart, an apple, a candle, pretty little lantern, and behind today's window I found an another candle, perfect for this Advent Sunday! Only four more to go... Exciting!

And now I hear a car... It must be the tree I chose earlier today! They have a great service, they will deliver your tree to your home! Oh yes, here it is, a pretty lovely tree, don't you think?

Now I am off to rummage those happy boxes marked "Christmas Decoration", and you will see my decorated tree soon! Happy 4th Advent Sunday, time to light that very last candle!



jama said...

Happy 4th Advent, Anna and Mia! What a treat it's been to follow all your adventures in Riverland. Love your tree and hearing about all the wonderful surprises you received opening your calendar windows. :) Thanks for bringing such love, coziness and pure joy to the holiday season!

Jane said...

Happy 4th advent dear Anna and Mia, how festive your little house is looking Anna and how good that you got your tree delivered, they are heavy things to carry. I hope you found the box of decorations, if not ask Mia I am sure she will help xx

Mia said...

Hello Jama,

Lovely to see you visiting us here! Today was a busy day, but now I can put my paws up and relax, my home is ready for Christmas!

Thank you for your lovely words, I wish you just that too: love, coziness&pure joy for your Holidays!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Wonderful 4th Advent to you too! I am little tired after all this busy cleaning and decorating, but now my house is ready for Christmas! I will have a hot cocoa (and some candy canes, I got some more from Barney's earlier!) and just enjoy it all. My tree is decorated too, Mia helped a bit with the top star, and I am showing it to you soon too!

See you soon!


Teje said...

Happy 4th Advent Anna! Phuhhh you had a hard day with so many works on your list. But isn't it great now to know that it's all done and you start to decorate your beautiful tree! It looks so nice and wintery outside there with the snow! I have been also busy here with Peggy and just remembered my Moomins Christmas calendar ...oh, I had 5 doors to open! Can't believe how soon they will be all open. Have a lovely week, Anna and see you tomorrow! x Teje & Peggy

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy 4th Sunday in Advent Anna and Mia, I can't believe it either, it seems no time since you lit that first candle!
My you have been a very busy little bee today, your little home is spotless and looking lovely with your festive curtains and table runner.
You have chosen a lovely tree, I can't wait to see it decorated!
V xxx

Marle said...

You have had a very very hard day. Cleaning the whole house is a huge job but you did it! Waitnig your decorated tree!

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It was a busy day, but now I am all ready for the Holidays! Just a visit to Barney's for some treats, and library for some books and I am done! Wishing you and Peggy lovely days, not too busy or stressful, enjoy!

See you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

This month has gone by so quick, but we are near to have the most wonderful Holidays now! I have only a few errands to run still, and then just relax&enjoy with my friends.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas-week, see you here soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Marle,

Phew, it was a long day with a long to-do list, but now I am all ready for the Holidays! Wishing you happy and stress-free days!

See you soon again!


Anne Toprak said...

Hi Anna, Everything looks clean and fresh as a daisy. I know Mice in Finland like to clean their houses before Christmas. Hope you had a good 4th Advent Sunday.

Please enjoy some Christmas treats and decorations.

A big hello from AMerica,
Anne D.T.

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

I love my little house now, it is so festive and bright, welcome Christmas!
I wish you are all stress free and happily getting ready too!

See you soon again!


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