December 21st

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to visit Barney, I know he's been really busy lately. Everyone is ordering their Holiday treats from him, and also his right paw, Bibi, went to visit her family, she had a baby sister yesterday! She should be back soon, but I am sure Barney could still use some help!

- Hello Barney, how are you? Really busy?

- Hello Anna dear! Oh yes, I am just putting up this Holiday-string, and then I should be baking dozens of...
- Let me help you with that!
- Thanks, let's try to get ut up there...
- Looks great, love the new sign!

 - Thank you! But how could I help you?
- Oh no, it's me who is going to do all the helping today! I brought you this poinsettia, and came to ask if there were anything I could do, I know Bibi is still away and...
- Thank you, Anna, so sweet of you! Actually... I just got my store's tree delivered, and it should be decorated. I have about hundred gingerbread-orders on my desk, so...

- Say no more, Barney, just show me the decorations, please, I would love to decorate your tree! You go continue your baking, I will take care of this!
- Lovely, I have quite a few decoration ready, some red ribbon, some stars, candy canes, and those pretty little red-white-ones are from Bernard, he delivered them this morning! He made similar sets for me and Bibi, I think those will look great!

- Thanks, Barney, I will make your tree pretty!

Alright, hmm... those and this... looking good... Some more stars...

How about these gingerbread hearts and stars? I think they might be too much... Let's see... maybe just two or so... I think this is it!

- Barney, come and see the tree!

- Oh my, it is so beautiful! Let's just add the lights and...

- I take my hat off to you: you did a perfect job, Anna, I love it!
- Thanks, Barney! Happy to help! Anything else I could do?
- Well... I know how great you are with gingerbread and icing... Would you like to help?
- Sure! Let's go... On one condition: can I taste some?
- It's a deal!



Teje said...

Dear Anna, that lovely smell from Barney's Bakery comes to my nose! Oh I miss christmas baking but can't force myself to start. Next year I shall order from Barney... and you can come to decorate my tree; you did fantastic job! Only few days until Christmas...I hope you have finished your works and can relac. Hugs! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

It was lovely to work with Barney, bakery is the best place for a mouse like me who loves all things sweet! I ate at least ten gingerbread hearts, Barney makes the best - I can strongly recommend him!

Wishing you happy week, we will see here soon again!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe what a little treasure you are Anna, I'm sure Barney was thrilled you came along to help.
You did a brilliant job with the tree, it looks beautiful and I'm sure the gingerbread was amazing too.
Congratulations to you sister......a baby girl, how wonderful! :)
V xxx

Jane said...

Awwwe Anna how beautifully you decorated Barney's tree. He must be so grateful as he is so rushed off his feet at this busy time of the year. He is a very handsome chap in his red apron....I am sure his gingerbread is delicious too. Happy first day of winter to you and Mia and welcome to your new baby sister xx

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

It was fun to help Barney, did not feel "job" at all to decorate the tree and ice those gingerbread! And now my own tree is ready also, I am quite ready for Christmas now! And I am so happily welcoming a new member to our family, we will meet soon!

Happy days!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you! I think decorating the tree is one of the best things in Christmas, and mine is ready too! Only two more days to go, yippee, enjoy!

See you here soon again!


eclectichomelife said...

You have the perfect tree, red and white, is there any other at Christmas time?

Mia said...

I know, the perfect colors! Mia says she is choosing those for her home also :) Happy you liked my decorating, and Barney is happy too!


Anne Toprak said...

Hello Barney Baker, I wish I could get some cakes and cookies from your special shop.
I love your Christmas tree and hat.

Please send any snow if you have some. So much grey and rain here.
A big kiss and hug from me!!

Anne D.T. xxx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Barney sends you his thanks and also says, that he is taking orders for next year also - you are so welcome to order, he would happily make you any treats you wish ;)

We have plenty of snow, I am sending you some asap, Mia says they have gray&rainy too! Wishing a white Christmas everywhere...


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

You are such a help and a treasure to have as a friend! Barney was so lucky you could help and the tree is gorgeous! Congratulations on your sister's baby daughter : )

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

It was so much fun helping Barney, and we had lovely gingerbread! Barney loves his tree, and now we are all ready for Christmas! Lovely days to you!


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