December 22nd

Hello again! I showed you Barney's tree yesterday, today it is time to see mine. I used some of my old decorations, and also added some new ones, like those hearts I made in Anabel's class last weekend.

Earlier today, when I was starting the decorating, Bernard visited me. He delivered some pretty Christmas cards, and also a Christmas present he had made himself! He said he usually would have given his gift on 24th, but he knew I was decorating the tree today... He is the sweetest pig!

He had painted me some lovely baubles, and up to my tree they went!

I think my tree is so very beautiful!

And as I live in Rosy Cottage, there is a rose on top of my tree instead of star!

I am going to do some last minute crafting today too, and... oh, what did you say? You noticed my new, beautiful necklace? It came from my old friend Peggy the Pig, remember the quilt I showed you the other day? When we opened that parcel, I took the necklace, and put it in my pocket, as I wanted to study it on my own later, when all my friends had gone to their homes. It is just similar flower of friendship we used to have as child, me and Peggy, I love it so! Thank you, dear friend!

And that crafting? My dear sister Amelie got a baby girl two days ago, oh yes, Bibi got a baby sister! They are coming here for Christmas, and what does a precious little baby girl need? A tiny stocking, of course! So I am off to do some sewing now, I got my pink beads and all ready!

See you soon again!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe your tree does look beautiful Anna and a little rose is just the very thing for the top!!
What a gorgeous necklace from Peggy with some lovely memories from the past too. :)
Looking forward to seeing the stocking you make for the little one, I think you're like Mia with your love of pink!!
happy crafting,
V xxx
P.S. Bernard is very sweet delivering your present early, I still think he's sweet on you though!! ;)

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

Thank you, I love my tree, and that rose is a must :) in a rose cottage! And that necklace brought back many memories... I love it!

I just finished that little stocking, I will show it to you soon! Pink is my favorite too :)

Happy 22nd, we are getting so close....


eclectichomelife said...

Such an adorable post. Just discovered your blog and will look forward to looking back through it and visiting you in the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas x

Mia said...

You are so welcome here, and I wish to see you again soon! Anna's tale will continue a few days still, and then it's all Very Merry Christmas!

Lovely Holidays to you and yours!


jama said...

What a beautiful tree, Anna. That rose on top is a lovely touch!! So nice of Bernard to deliver an early gift. Can't wait to see the finished stocking you're making for your baby niece. :)

Anne Toprak said...

Hello Anna, Very happy to hear about the new baby. Pinks and peach are pretty colors for your tree. Enjoy your necklace from the sunny land!!

Must do some last minute Christmas preparations, myself.

Hello to Mia and family....
Anne xx

Mia said...

Hello Jama,

Thank you! I simply can't resist roses, living in rosy cottage they just keep appearing everywhere :)

The tiny stocking is ready, I will show it to you soon, I think it turned out pretty... Just perfect for a baby girl!

See you soon again!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Babies are adorable, and just as you said pink is the right color for baby girl! Mia says she has a long list of things to do still... I think I will help her a little too. Wishing you happy and stressfree days!

See you here soon again!


Teje said...

Hello Anna! Your tree is so very beautiful and the rose on the top is the cutest! I'm happy to hear about the baby and looking for to see that tiny Christmas stocking! Oh, those days when we had the flower necklaces, we did have so much fun! Best wishes again from your friend Peggy (and Teje)!

Mia said...

Hello Peggy,

Thank you, now it's all ready for the Christmas! And that necklace brought back so many memories... Thank you!

Wishing you happy last days before Christmas... Thinking of you! Many warm wishes to Teje&Nero too!


Jane said...

Your tree is perfect Anna and topped off with a rose...so unique.Bernard made you some sweet baubles, what a kind piggy he is (like all piggies). Your necklace looks very pretty. Thank Mia for popping over to see my Christmas crackers - it's very nearly our special day of the year ;0) xx

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you, I love my tree too, with a rose on top it's very me :)
Bernard is the most kind pig, he remembers all birthdays and other special dates and makes me smile ever so often, I wish he'll like my gift too.

Mia sends you the warmest wishes, she loved those crackers, and she also says that she can hardly wait the 24th :)

Lovely days to you!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Such a beautiful tree dear Anna! Love the necklace. I'm starting to think I would love to live in Riverland : )
Hi Mia, xoxoRobin

Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you! My little house is all set for Christmas now! Happy days to you and Alma, you are both so welcome here!


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