December 4th

Hello again!

Do you still remember my yesterday's yarn shopping, and the tip I got from Adele about the new glass pieces Brita has in her shop? I did not waste any more time but went straight to see her. I had planned to buy some new ornaments for Christmas, and that tree I saw at Adele's was lovely. Snowmen and trees are my favorite decoration, so I had my paws crossed there would still be some left... When I got to her shop, she was just putting up some new pieces for sale.

- Lovely to see you, Brita, and the new look you have created to your shop! I came to see you about those Christmas-pieces but I can see there are not that many left?
- They have been a big hit, and that is why I also put these last season's "Fruit of the Month"-collection pieces for sale, many buy Christmas items and something for the spring to come also! 
-That is quite clever, I must say, but wow, your jewelry!

- These are from my new collection too, and you know my motto: "A day without beauty is a day wasted!" so I wear them all the time. They go quite nicely with my new dress&beret, don't you think? 
- Perfectly!
- Would you like to see some my new pieces, these bracelets have been especially popular? 
- Oh, I would love to!

- Here they are, I have four left!

- Oh they are so pretty! Could I see that green one more closely, please, I think that would make a perfect extra for my birthday present for Anabel! And I think Adele would love that pearl-one, I could give that her on Christmas...

-Oh yes, I definitely take this and the pearl-one too! Could you wrap them for me, please, and mark them so I will remember which parcel is which, thank you!
- Sure, just a second, I just got some lovely new wrapping papers too, let me show you!

- I think Anabel would love that green, and Adele could have that elegant white, what you think?
- Perfect as usual, Brita!

- They've done! But hey, did you also wish to see some my Christmas-pieces? Trees and snowmen were your favorites if I remember correct?
- Yes, but I think all green trees and white snowmen are sold already? 
- The small ones are, but I just might be one special piece left which I think you might like... Just wait a minute, please!

- Oh... That one is mine!


Did you already guess what I was planning to use that lovely, unique piece for?

I love it! And fourth window was also opened today, and a little squirrel it was! What a lovely day, but now I am exhausted, I am off to bed. Good night, see you tomorrow again!



Marle said...

Britalla on aivan ihana butiikki! Ja hän on taitava bisnesnainen. Kauniita lahjoja Anna osti ystävilleen ja lasikoristeet ovat aivan ihania! Lämpimät tereviset vesisateisesta Helsingistä.

Mia said...

Hei Marle!

Eikös vaan, Brita on sekä lasi-, koru- että myynti-expertti! Ihanaa viikonlopun alkua sinulle, Joensuussa on tasaisen harmaata&räntää (sanoo Mia) mutta Riverlandissa satelee hiljakseen isoja valkoisia lumihiutaleita, kaunista... :)

Näkemisiin pian!


Teje said...

Dear Anna, your friends will drop their eyes when they open their presents! Those bracelets are gorgeus! I'm happy you found the glass tree! Is is really snowing in the Riverland?! Sounds so beautiful! See you tomorrow! x Teje

Anne Toprak said...

Hello Anna, Happy to see another little shop in Riverland. I like bracelets, too. (always a good present)
Hope you all and Mia have a good weekend. From Chilly America,
Anne xxx

Jane said...

Hello Anna I am glad you got your shopping done, such pretty bracelets, what a gorgeous shop! Your tree is just perfect to hold your advent calendar. I'm off out for a festive night at Kew Gardens...so exciting. Looking forward to seeing your next adventure and do say hi to dear Mia. Have a wonderful weekend xx

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Thank you! I think I will need to get one of those bracelets for me too, would be lovely for the holidays! It is snowing heavily here, I might get back to shoveling tomorrow :)

Happy Friday!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

I think that too, bracelets can be worn every day! It snows heavily here now, but it's not that cold you stay warm&cozy! Happy Friday!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Happy festivities to you, enjoy! I am all tired of that shopping, but it was fun! Happy Friday to you, see you tomorrow again!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe Anna, Anabel and Adele are so lucky to be your friends, you are so generous and have wonderful taste, the little bracelets are beautiful, they are going to love them.
What a pretty little shop Brita has and how fortunate that the Christmas tree and snowman ornament was left for you to buy, just perfect for your calendar.
Have a lovely weekend Anna and please wish Mia one too and of course all your friends in Riverland. I would like to live in Riverland, so many pretty rabbits!!!
V xxx
I should also say (I'm sure you're saying you've said quite enough Vivienne)that Agnes sends her best wishes to all in Riverland, she is also enjoying the tales.

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne&Agnes,

Happy to see you BOTH reading our stories! And those bracelets were really pretty, I just said earlier to Teje that I just might need to get one for myself too. Happy weekend to both of you, and see you soon again!


P.S. Bernard will make his first appearance tomorrow if I am quick enough to grab his curly tail before he rushes off!!

Anonymous said...

Hei taas, ja vierailu Britan kauniissa puodissa oli täynnä ihania pieniä yllätyksiä. Kaikki ne kauniit tavarat ja erityisesti ihanat käsikoruaarteet! Nähdessämme myös lahjat jotka oli kääritty kauniisiin lahjapapereihin, meillekin iski jouluinto kääriä lahjoja jo paketteihin! Itse tykästyin niin paljon Britan ihanaan mottoon: The day without beauty is a day wasted! Se saa vieläkin suun ihanasti hymylle. Miten joku kaunis juttu, pienikin , tuo auringon tullessaan! Terveisin ja huomiseen! Anneli

Mia said...

Hei Anneli!

Ihanaa kun viihdyitte! Ja jouluintoa on hyvä jo vähän herätellä, jaksaa odottaa koko kuukauden paremmin, kun vähän välillä rapistelee yllätyksiä! Tai eihän jouluaattoon ole enää kuin 20 päivää, aika kuluu nopeasti! Mukavaa viikonloppua teille, nähdään huomenna!


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